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Descriptive About Snow

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The snow is my favorite thing about winter. Snow is precipitation in the form of ice. That is form within clouds when the temperature outside drops to 30 degrees or below. Every year around November and December, it starts to fall. The snow is important to me because it bring me Joy. Watching the snow fall is very peaceful. It falls without a sound unlike rain. There are a lot of things to do to with snow. Like making huge snow balls, a perfect snow angel, r watching a favorite holiday movie.

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Descriptive About Snow
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I think these two things are best part of winter. The worst part may be having to shovel all the snow away. On the other hand, I can make huge snow mountains and forts. Making the biggest snow man is another thing I’m good at. Showing my younger brother and sister how to make one Is fun too. Also I like to go to the ice skating rink with my friends and practice my ice skating.

This reminds me that Vie always wanted to try snowboarding, skiing, and bobsledding. But even though, Just seeing the snow makes me feel like a little kid again.

I’m always so excited to see It. It puts a smile on my face, waking up seeing everything covered in the pure white snow. Snow Is Important because It bring me so much Joy and happiness. This being a one year experience, It’s really something to cherish and remember. When It snows, It has the power to bring people closer together. It’s always a beautiful sight to see the snow during the holidays. Especially when you’re surrounded by loved ones. For this reason, I will always look to this time of year for wonderful memories.

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