Does the Weather Condition Have Any Effect on People’ s Mood

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Weather is a short-term climate change. While it is sunny today, it can be rainy, even stormy the next day. There are a lot of weather conditions in the world and these conditions are considered to have some effects on people’s mood. (Widmer, Bill, “Lifehack”) Unlike some people who are the opposite of this idea, I agree with it. The weather has a lot of effects on people’s mood. There is some relationship between life satisfaction and weather conditions, for instance, people living in warmer climates are more satisfied with life than people living in colder climates. It means that when the weather is sunny people are more satisfied with life than when it is cloudy. According to the overall weather conditions in a region, it seems that weather conditions are really related to life satisfaction of people. (Brenner, Laurie, “Sciencing”) There are many possible reasons for this case. It is easier to exercise when it is warm and sunny than when it is cold and rainy. So people who live in warmer climates can do more physical activities than those who live in cold, or rainy climates. As a result, it can be said that weather conditions, including rainfall, sunshine, temperature, and humidity can generally have large effects on people’s mood. (Mercola, Joseph, “Mercola”) Some of these effects are the effects of weather on the clothes that people wear, the transportation ways that people may take to work, and the specific fun activities in which people engage.

Firstly, it can be handled the sunny days to examine. If the weather is sunny, people can feel happy and they can go to the picnics, go to swimming and etc. If the weather is sunny, it can be seen almost all of the people out of their houses, and it can also be seen nearly all of them eat ice cream happily. In addition to these examples, children may play with each other happily. In short, it can be said that almost all people love sunny days. On the contrary to these examples, if the weather is too hot, people cannot feel happy, they can feel depressed and aggressive just the opposite. So it can be really told that it is not only the different weather conditions but also the same weather condition in different temperatures can affect people’s mood. If the weather is too hot, anyone can neither go outside, nor can stay at their house comfortable without air conditioner or anything like that. So it can be concluded from these examples that too hot weather condition has a lot of bad effects on people’s mood.

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If it is necessary to give another example of this situation, an example of Muslim’s Ramadan days can be the most . These days can pass more severely and harder and people can be thirsty easier. Especially for children who meet Ramadan new, these days can be extremely excruciating. Despite the fact that bad conditions can be arisen by these extremely hot days, many people love sunny days. Because, if the weather is hot and sunny, everyone can take pleasure by swimming, eating ice- cream, going to the picnic, having a walk, meeting with your friends and going on holiday, which is the best thing to do in these days.

Secondly, it can be mentioned on cloudy days. On one hand, these days can have bad effects on people’s mood. When the weather is cloudy, anyone can feel depressed, sad and even frightened. When the weather is cloudy, it can also be windy and if it is windy, nobody can either go to the picnic or can lick ice cream. If it should be given an example about being depressed on cloudy and windy days, it can be said that when the weather is cloudy, windy or rainy; nobody can go out neither for play with their friends nor for a trip. Instead, they sit in their room and listen to slow music because they feel depressed. Nobody can prevent themselves from thinking the old events and depressing, this is one of the best examples of the effects of the weather on people’ s mood.

On the other hand, these days can have fine effects on people’s mood. If the weather is rainy, this means that it will provide many beneficial effects on the people’s crops and their mood as well. The crops can grow up naturally and healthy thanks to these days and this makes people feel happy. So, it can be concluded that rainy days have different effects on people’ s mood. While some can be happy when there is rain, some can get depressed, can get lazy and just stay in their bed. Personally, some love watching the raindrops and hear them fall on the rooftop and on the ground. Some even love the smell of wet ground and think that it calms them and gives them peace of mind. It is because of that when their mind is cluttered, rain takes it all away and clears their mind. Some people; on the other hand, can think much better when there is rain. As Boby Dylan said, “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.”

Thirdly, it can be handled the foggy and stormy days. Hardly anyone wants to be outside when the weather is either foggy or stormy as these conditions of the weather are not only depressing but also dangerous ones. While anyone walks on the way and the weather is foggy, a car can hit them as the car driver cannot see them and they cannot blame the driver as it is not only his/her fault. Fourthly, it can be continued with days including hail. When the weather is haily, it is obvious that nobody can be found outside, as nearly no one love this condition of the weather. Hardly anyone can either play, trip or sit outside.

Finally, this essay can be finished with snowy days. These days have both good and bad effects on people’ s mood as well. It is better to start with good ones primarily. Although it does not seem a good idea, nearly all of the people, especially children love these days. These days make almost all of the people happy. People can drink coffee, look at outside and watch their children while playing snowball, make a snowman and skiing happily. And even elder people can play snowball, make a snowman and skiing, after all having fun has no age limit. On the other hand, it can be mentioned bad ones. When the weather is snowy, roads can be closed by snow, can be slippery and these can cause to a traffic accident or can cause people to slip and fall down onto hard ground and this may cause their bones to break.

If you ask me whether the weather has any effect on me, I will absolutely say “yes”. The weather has a lot of effects on me, as well. When I get up, the first thing I do is looking outside in order to know whether the weather is sunny, cloudy, rainy or snowy. I can feel really happy when the weather is sunny but I cannot feel as happy as I am on sunny days if it is cloudy, or rainy.

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