Domestic Violence Effects on Children

“Families under stress produce children under stress. If a spouse is being abused and there are children in the home, the children are affected by the abuse. Moreover, spouse abuse is a form of child abuse.

Hurting someone the child loves also hurts the child.”(From Abused No More: Recovery for Women in Abusive or Co-dependent Relationships). Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused, or denied. Further investigation is crucial in helping eliminate this unnecessary problem. Today, women are feared for their lives speaking out in being a victim on domestic abuse. Living at home is like living in prison, the victim feels as if there is absolutely nothing they can do to eliminate this issue. For this horrific matter to be more acceptable among women to share and seek help is through the educational system.

The social process theory, also known as the interactionist perspective, is believed that criminal behaviour is learned in interaction with others. Crime is the end product of various social processes, especially inappropriate socialization and social learning. Social process theories are concerned with the social reality around individuals. It stresses the role of interpersonal relationships, the strength of social bond, and the personal and group consequences of societal reactions of deviance as they contribute to crime, embedded within the society in which you live in. Emergency rooms, police officials, social welfare and courts all require further education among their workforce.

It is crucial for these professionals to be aware and educated about domestic abuse, as it grows and becomes more popular. The 1993 National Survey on Violence Against Women formed the terms, “generational cycle of violence, “where women currently in violent marriages were three times as likely as women in non-violent marriages to state that their fathers-in-law were violent to their spouses, and were twice as likely to have witnessed.

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