Dusk over Atlantic Wharf Sample

1. Summary of the text Dusk over Atlantic WharfLata and Anuj are married and populating in Cardiff. Both of them are from India. Anuj has lived there for six old ages and Lata has been in England for 4 months. She is looking out of the window and believing about her neighbours. She is excessively afraid to speak to them. In the beginning of the text they are discoursing what they should make this eventide. They were traveling to the Atlantic Wharf theater and watching a Bollywood film. Lata is fascinated of the film because it is about India and she misses her place so much. After the film she is sad and shouting. Anuj is overwhelmed and inquire her if she is alright. She said that she is alright and wants to travel place. She is needed to accept her new manner of life. 2. Qualify Lata and her relationship to Anuj

Lata is a dreamer. She is believing of India. her household and approximately good memories she had. Lata’s male parent has arranged their matrimony because he wanted to hold a good hereafter for Lata. She had ne’er cleaned the house or the lavatory but in her relationship with Anuj there is no hired aid. She thinks that she is have oning the incorrect apparels when they went to the theater. She is looking at the other misss and is a small spot covetous about their apparels. She seems clever. because she says in the text that she can complete the crossword in 40 proceedingss. Lata has been married for 4 months and perchance lived in Cardiff for 4 months. Lata told that she one twenty-four hours in India skipped school with her friend Mina. They were watching a film alternatively of sitting in school. Lata likes exciting things to make and in India her friends seemed that she is the funniest in their group. When they were watching the film. she was so aroused and wanted to state her hubby about her unrecorded in India. In the terminal of the text Lata is sad about being back in world and cries a small spot.

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She has to accept where she is populating now and wants non to do her hubby unhappy. Lata’s relationship to Anuj was an ordered matrimony. They are non in love. but feelings might come subsequently in their relationship. Lata’s male parent told her to get married Anuj to acquire a better hereafter. They do non cognize each other really good but Lata attempts to happen out what sort of individual her hubby is and what sort of nutrient he likes. Anuj is happy about to hold a married woman like her because he takes her manus in the theater and is non abashed of her in this scene. Subsequently when they were watching the film he got a small spot abashed because she is speaking in the film about her unrecorded in India. Lata think that her hubby is like a Britain.

3. Remark on the stopingAt the terminal of the text Lata is sad because she is non in India but in Britain. She misses her place and household so much that she cries. Anuj does non cognize her so good so he looks off and does non cognize what to make. She dried her eyes and he asked her if she is alright. She said that she is alright and they can travel place. For Lata her place is India but she will non do her hubby unhappy and is feigning to accept her new place. that’s why she said let’s go place. With this she means her new place in Cardiff.

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