Education and Community College Essay

Jodie Hamilton English 101 Dr Jenny Williams Online “Are community college students at a disadvantage for a quality education? ” The Myth of Inferiority by T. Allen Culpepper published in The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 27, 2006 explores the stereo-type that community college are viewed inferior to University students. Are community college students at a disadvantage? As a community college graduate myself, I must disagree. Although students come from different backgrounds, I do not feel “we” as a community college are any less worthy than University students.

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Education and Community College
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I received my nursing degree and was able to improve my quality of life for a fraction of the cost and time. It is argued that community college students have a great deal more going on their person lives, but I do not believe it makes us any less inferior, just the contrary, I believe it makes us appreciate the opportunity even more. Culpepper states in the article “first-and second-year students regardless of the type of institution they attend, they are more alike than different.

(page 329). In my opinion this is true.

I believe that every student that chooses to better their lives and deserve the best education possible. In the article Culpepper also states “learning styles” (page ) are the key to teaching any student willing to learn. In conclusion I do not believe Community College students are at a disadvantage from University students, and with the proper teacher, willing students, and the proper tools, any student can learn and over come the stereotypes placed upon them. The Myth of Inferiority by T. Allen Culpepper published in the Chronicle Of Higher Education, published October 27th, 2006.

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