Coincidences in Dostoevsky’s Crime and punishment

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Had the apartment on that floor not be vacant, he would have been seen by the painter, and would most likely been the prime suspect of the homicides. 5) Restoration sees a young girl whom is drunk, when he is approaching the bench to sit on. He cannot exactly explain why this girl caught his eye but there was something about her that caught his attention and attraction. He becomes interested on her and tells a person near by her to stay away from her, which he is saving her from “the scoundrel’s hands’.

He control the situation by handing the girl to the police officer whim assure him that she will get home safe. 6) The couple wanting to set up an appointment with Legalize. Usually work is done with Lynda, but this couple was aware of the reputation that follows Alone and they chose to work with Legalize instead. Legalize is honest and known to give a fair price. This appointment, is what gives Restoration the perfect time to committee the murders, since Alone will be alone in the apartment. 7) Restoration overhears Legalize making plans for the following evening.

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He then was aware that Alone would be in the apartment alone. He thinks that this would be the perfect chance to strike. He takes this chance as one in a million since here sister is almost always by her side; This conversion that he overhears is another instance when he is sure his fate is to kill Alone. 8) Socioeconomic, Illus.’s roommate, away Luzon slip he note onto Sonny’s pocket when he was shaking her hand. Sonny was being set up to look like a thief and Levitation’s confession to what he saw is absolutely the only thing that could save her from prison time.

Luzon is outrages by the honesty and destruction to his plan to ruin Sonny’s name. Socioeconomic is certain of what he saw and is more than willing to swear to it. Staring believes that god sent Socioeconomic to Sonny to defend her honor and to stand up for her. 9) Sporadically overhears Restoration confession to Sonny because he is living the room next door and knows everything about the murders. He was planning on using this information to bribe Dungy into marrying him. He lets Dungy go when he realizes that she will never love him and has an evening of disturbing dreams and hallucinations.

With him realizing the unfortunate truth of Dungy not being with him, he commits suicide. 10) Sonny was a friend with Legalize. Sonny describes her as good to Restoration and tells him that they read together. Legalize was also a believer and Sonny is certain that in her passing she will see god. This is relevant because when Restoration confesses to her, she humanities Legalize and does not allows Restoration to play it off as not being big deal. In this confession she also leads him to do the right thing, and turn himself in to the police and “accept suffering and achieve atonement through it. 1 1 ) In his dream when the horse gets bitten on the head, is relevant to the pawnbroker since he committed the same action, on betting her in the head with an axe. The owner of the horse says that it is his property and he can choose to do what he wants to with the hose, and believes he can kill it if he chooses to. This concept of having the “right” to kill reflects on Restoration outlook that he has the authority to kill Alone because he feels it is for better or the world. 12) When Marmalades is hit by the horse and carriage, Restoration is in the area and is TABLE to identify who the man is.

Restoration also offers to pay for a doctor to come and attend to him, instead of taking him all the way to the hospital. The police at this scene of the accident were very thankful to have Marmalade’s identity. Restoration then directs them to his family’s home and sends for the doctor. He is TABLE to explain what happened to Staring and tells her that he will pay for the doctor. Restoration being at the scene of the accident and bringing Marmalades home allowed his family to be with him as he died.

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