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Essay – Dress shirt

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  • Pages 4
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    I like the simplicity of the photo, it was taken in the says era a decade which enjoyed carefree days as a young adolescent. The photograph from the text book was taken by photographer James Van Deer Zee, the couple in Raccoon coats (figure 11-12), and peg. 292 of the text. The photograph from the text show cased style and sophistication from the 1 cays era, the vertical of the buildings help to accentuate the horizontals of the beautiful automobile, I can’t forget the vertical silhouette of the elegant couple occupying the vehicle.

    The photograph from my elementary school class picture and the photograph of the couple in Raccoon coats, (1932). Was photographed by James Van Deer zee, are art depiction in a directive form from the past which show cased special times in my life and the couple in Raccoon coats. The back drop of Harlem demonstrated the urban environment Van Deer Zee used to capture the elegant couple in their splendor. The time in my life when my photograph was taken, I was going to elementary school in Bronx, New York AS. 8, during the early ass’s. Life was carefree and fun for me at the time, I have on a white dress shirt and a black neck tie, the white shirt is center of empathic in my photo other than my face. The white clarity of the shirt draw the viewers in, the black tie lulls the whole photograph together and complete the look of the photo. At the time the photograph was taken I had an innocent and youthful appearance about me, as I look at the photograph now in the present time.

    James Van Deer Zee photograph of the couple in Raccoon coats, depicts an African American couple in Harlem during the sass’s, the sophistication of the photo appears as if it was a significant time in the lives of both myself and couple in the picture featured with a gorgeous automobile of the ass’s era. I choose to analyze both photographs together, because both of them depicts prominent moment in my life and the couple in Raccoon fur coats, also the picture of the couple showcased photographer James Van Deer Zee genius with the camera.

    A person can indicate that both photos in comparison with each other, are interesting to view and admire with inspiration. Of the photographs stood out to me, think because at first glance they both spoke to me from a visual perspective or sense. Time period in history is an Both important element to me, I think how youthful and innocent I appear back in the early ass’s in contrast to the couple in Harlem during the sass’s, captured n their adult stage shimmering with prestige and a successful lifestyle.

    The second set of photographs that have chosen, one from my graduation photo from Navy boot camp, and the other is from street photographer Garry Windowing photo Los Angels (1969). Figure 11-16. PEG 297. Was in boot camp when was photographed for my graduation picture which I have chosen to analyze. The time period was August of 1999 in the summer. There is a bluish background with the American flag on the right hand corner of the photograph. My appearance is clean cut and in read spirits from my facial expression, there is minimum enthusiasm in my look to the camera, which to me suggest a discipline person in U.

    S. Armed Forces. I have on my “cracker jacks” uniform otherwise known as the service dress blues, with a white t-shirt and a white hat and a black neckerchief. I looked proud and accomplished, because of my ascension from recruit to Sailor in the U. S Navy. The photograph from the text depicts a man in a wheel chair with three model or actress like ladies, walking by and glancing over to the man in the wheel chair. The photograph has a bus top and there are children sitting on a bench, one of the kids is looking back at the man in the wheelchair.

    There is silhouettes of three women walking with the sunlight getting ready to set in the back ground of all the pedestrians. The style of my graduation picture is uniform and crisp in appearance. Garry Windowing Los Angels 1969 silver print photograph has some style of sophistication and remorse when focusing on the handicapped gentleman. The light from the sun help to accentuate the glamorous appearance of the women and the overall mood of the photograph. The two photographs showcase fashion, ambition, and ascension in my case, new beginnings is also being portrayed here as well. Hose to analyze these two photographs together because one has a military presence and the other and the other depicts a day in American society. A person can indicate strict discipline and structure in my photo and in Garry Winnows Los Angels piece, civilian everyday life is on display from my perspective. The photograph stood out to me, because I like fashion and both have fashion sense about them.

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