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Speech Analysis Report

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SPEECH ANALYSIS REPORT The title of the speech is “Al Gore finds the solution to the climate crisis”. Al Gore is the Former Vice President of the US, the star of “An Inconvenient Truth” program and the Nobel Peace Prize winner. His purpose of the speech is to draw the world’s attention on climate change individualistically. My overall impression about the speech of Al Gore is that he presented his topic successfully, had self-assurance and sense of humor and succeeded in his form of address to the audience.

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In the content of his presentation, he mentioned about reasons and results of the climate change. Moreover, he talked about what people can do in order to head the climate change off. In the introduction of his speech, he used an attention-getting technique that is telling a brief story. He had a good opening with two stories to get audience attention; however, his stories were not closely related to the subject. Besides, he spent thirty percent of his presentation time for his introduction.

During his speech, he expressed his ideas in a clear and comprehensible language.

Moreover, he was strong-minded and had fluent speech. He supported his ideas by giving examples and using some statistics. In addition, he arranged his points in a logical order by giving information. Whereas he used many signposts such as “I want to start with a couple of…” , he used few transitions to connect one idea to the next. He directly said his ideas without transitions. In the conclusion part of his presentation, he summarized his purposes and plans for the future about preventing climate change and called for action.

Finally, he pointed out the significance of the subject and thanked to the audience. His physical delivery was effective, and he used his gestures and mimics successfully. Besides, he was seen peaceful and calm. When he gave a speech, he did not turn back to the audience and read only the slides. He made an eye contact to the audience. Moreover, his vocal delivery was successful as well. His voice was loud enough and his tone was calm and encouraging. During his presentation, he used a slide show and a device to change a slide easily and timely.

He explained his ideas step by step in his slide show. In order to strengthen the visual delivery, he had some graphs to represent. Moreover, the font size he used could be seen easily. Briefly, he had an effective presentation about the climate change although he had very long introduction. He was a funny person and had sense of humor, he presented his ideas pertinaciously and earnestly as well. The lessons learned are the importance of the utilization of the renewable energy sources and the precautions to prevent the climate change. ECE ALACAKIR 1716547

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