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Guidelines on Writing Individual Assignment




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Your analysis must be supported with appropriate academic literature and must provide clear evidence of independent critical evaluation. 2. The above coursework is an individual written assignment and worth 25% 3. All research must be referenced and a bibliography attached. Improper or lack of either of these constitutes plagiarism and students will be awarded a…

“I Am Here to Serve and Not to Be Served.”




Words: 558 (3 pages)

My leadership and educational assumption presume from Mathew 20:28, which states that “I am here to serve and not to be served.” Accordingly, I believe that to be a good leader one must be a servant of the people. It is vital for a Christian leader to imitate Christ. Therefore, I believe that a leader…

Young Liars And Lie-Detection Technology That Reveal Hidden Emotions


Essays Database



Words: 974 (4 pages)

“Did you ever lie as a child?” Asked by Kang Lee. With 20 years of study experience with how children learn to tell lies, Kang Lee came to TED and shared some of the discoveries his team has made. Mr. Lee pointed out that people hold three common believes: Children won’t lie before the first…

“What evidence is there to support Alfred Wegener’s theory of continental drift?



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Alfred Wegener, born November 1st 1880, was a German scientist who took a great interest in meteorology and paleoclimatology and in 1905 graduated from the University of Berlin with a Ph.D. in Astronomy. His most notable work was the theory of continental drift. However his theory was highly controversial at the time as he had…

Exceptions to the Rule of Hearsay

Common Law



Words: 1895 (8 pages)

In any legal system, there is a level into which hearsay will enter the evidential equation. However, it poses a number of problems when hearsay evidence is admitted to the court in order to argue a case. A case cannot rely entirely on the use of hearsay evidence, although it is crucial in some cases…

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