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A Brief History of the Blues



Words: 2462 (10 pages)

A Brief History of the BluesJoseph Machlis says that the blues is a native American musical and verse form, with no direct European and African antecedents of which we know. (p. 578) In other words, it is a blending of both traditions. Something special and entirely different from either of its parent traditions. (Although Alan…

History of HIV/AIDS




Words: 366 (2 pages)

We do not know how many people developed AIDS in the 1970s, or indeed in the years before. “The dominant feature of this first period was silence, for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was unknown and transmission was not accompanied by signs or symptoms salient enough to be noticed. While rare, sporadic case reports of…

The Boxer Rebellion Was a Turning Point in China’s Modern History


Words: 931 (4 pages)

“The Boxer Rebellion was a turning point in China’s modern history. ” Examine the nature of the Boxer Rebellion. To what extent do you agree with this judgment of the Rebellion? The Boxer Rebellion was the siege of the western legations, when the Boxers surrounded the diplomatic residences of the Western powers in Beijing. They…

Away From Home: The Forgotten History



Words: 1102 (5 pages)

“Who’s that?” I looked behind me to see an old lady looking over the picture I was holding. She is one of the many people who have to leave home to live in a nursing home. She is one of the people who I believe have the unlucky fate of living with strangers in a…

Something New Under the Sun: Review




Words: 1384 (6 pages)

Ecclesiastes, written by King Solomon towards the end of his life, discusses vanity in terms of items that bring no ultimate value, that many things on earth have a temporary value. He tells readers that “there is nothing new under the sun” as humankind has pursued individual, short-term profits and gains throughout time and will…

Why Learnig About Historical Events Is Important…



Words: 377 (2 pages)

Learning about historical events and people is important to learn from because we can keep America’s history alive. This is recognized in the play The Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, the poem titled “Fear” by Eva Pickova and the poem “On Speaking Up for Each Other” by Martin Niemoller. Each…

History of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the Philippines




Words: 2531 (11 pages)

The Philippines connected to the internet in 1994 via the Philippine Internet Foundation (PHNet), the first internet service provider in the country. Penetration increased slowly until 2005, when Executive Order 109 was enacted calling for the expansion of telecommunication services to underserved areas, which in turn promoted competition in the information and communications technology (ICT)…

An Analysis of the Indians by Jane Tompkins




United States

Words: 790 (4 pages)

An Analysis of the Indians by Jane Tompkins Jane Tompkins discusses how she prepared to teach class on colonial American literature in her essay Indians: Textualism, Morality, and the problem of History. The essay is told the first person. It’s basically a personal account of what has happened. Like any other personal journals, the essay…

My Favorite Person




Words: 320 (2 pages)

In our life we meet many people. Sometimes are people who teach us good things, and those are the ones who get in our heart. In my life there is a person who has always been there for me. She is my mom my favorite person in the world. My mother is my friend and…

American History Paper Final


Words: 2261 (10 pages)

On August 3rd 1492 a group of Spanish sailors, while searching for a faster route to India, landed on a small island christened San Salvador. Columbus’ landing in America was the flood gate that began a mass immigration to this continent that would eventually be the foundation on which America was built. From 1492 to…

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