Quiet People Never Go Down In History: “The Final Days”

Being courageous and different is a hard and sometimes a dangerous thing to do. Sophie Scholl showed me what it was like to be a woman and go against your government’s beliefs when you knew what they were doing was wrong. In the movie Sophie Scholl The Final Days, Sophie and her brother Hans write leaflets about what Hitler was really doing to all the Jews, and put them all over the college commons. They almost get away with it until the janitor see’s what they have done and turns them in. This is when Sophie’s adventure begins. Stick by her brother and her friends side the whole way, Sophie never backs down and tells the people’s court how she really feels.

Through all of this terror she never once second guess’s herself she believes what she did was the right thing, she’s willing to die for what she believes in. “What we have said and what we have written is what so many people believe only they don’t dare to speak up.” This quote was taken from the movie Sophie Scholl The Final Days. What Sophie is trying to say is that she is willing to speak up for all the people that are too scared to say what they really believe in. This shows that everyone obeyed Hitler’s rules very closely and was not willing to step outside of them and say what they don’t agree with.

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This goes to show how cowardly all of the civilians were and how courageous Sophie was willing to be. Sophie went into this knowing she could go to jail and be put to death, but she still went through with it just hoping that it could possibly make the smallest difference. This goes to show that you have to strongly believe in what you are doing and willing to take on all the consequences for your actions. “I don’t regret it. And I’ll accept the consequences.” Sophie Scholl says this in the movie Sophie Scholl The Final Days.

Through all of the interrogation they tried to get Sophie to rat her brother out and other people along with him, but she stuck to her story that it was all her and that she can’t blame anyone else. She stuck by her brothers side through the whole battle even though her brother tried to get her out of it by saying it was all him, this almost worked until Sophie said no I had just as much to do with it as him. If you were put in this position what would you have done, gone with the story that it was all him or stuck by his side knowing that you could losing your life all over some pieces of papers that only said your opinion on them?

Really taking that question and putting yourself in Sophie’s place, it really made me think wow I really wouldn’t want to die just over a few papers, I thought to myself would it really be worth it? Do I really believe in this enough to loose my life over it? This just goes to show you how much Sophie believed in what she was doing was right and in the end she believed it would make a difference. “ I’d do it again. You have the wrong world view, not me.”

In the Movie Sophie Scholl The Final Days. She has enough courage to come out and say that she is right and they are wrong. Now you have to remember how long ago this took place. Back than it was not seen as politically right for a woman to talk back to a man. But what did she have to loose? She already told them she was quilty, so she used the time that she got to stand up in front of the people’s court to say once again what she really believed in. She thought that maybe just maybe reaching out to just a few more people would make a difference.

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