Quiet People Never Go Down In History: “The Final Days”

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Being brave and unique is a challenging and occasionally perilous endeavor. Sophie Scholl exemplified for me the experience of being a woman who defied her government’s beliefs when she recognized their wrongdoing. In the film Sophie Scholl The Final Days, Sophie and her brother Hans authored pamphlets that revealed the true actions of Hitler towards the Jewish people, plastering them throughout the college campus. They came close to evading detection until the janitor witnessed their actions and reported them. This marked the beginning of Sophie’s journey. Remaining loyal to her brother and friends throughout, Sophie never wavers, expressing her true emotions in front of the people’s court.

Despite the terror, Sophie Scholl never wavered in her self-belief. She firmly held that her actions were righteous and was willing to sacrifice her life for her convictions. In the movie Sophie Scholl The Final Days, Sophie declares, “What we have said and what we have written is what so many people believe, only they don’t dare to speak up.” Sophie underscores her resolve to vocalize the thoughts of those who are too afraid to express their true beliefs. This highlights how everyone adhered closely to Hitler’s rules without questioning or voicing their dissensions.

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This highlights the cowardice of all the civilians and the bravery of Sophie. Despite knowing that she could be imprisoned or even executed, Sophie proceeded with her actions, hoping they could make a slight impact. This emphasizes the importance of having strong convictions and being ready to face the repercussions for one’s choices. In the movie “Sophie Scholl The Final Days,” Sophie Scholl declares, “I don’t regret it. And I’ll accept the consequences.”

Sophie was pressured during the interrogation to betray her brother and implicate others, but she remained steadfast in taking sole responsibility without blaming anyone else. Despite her brother’s confession to protect her, Sophie refused to go along with the plan and asserted that they were equally responsible. This strategy nearly worked until Sophie firmly stated that she held as much responsibility as her brother. If you were faced with a similar situation, would you have falsely accused your brother or stood by his side, acknowledging that your life could be endangered because of documents containing only your opinions?

Reflecting on the question and imagining oneself in Sophie’s position, it prompts thoughts about the significance of potentially sacrificing one’s life over a few papers. One wonders if the cause is truly worth it and if one truly believes in it enough to risk losing their life. Sophie’s unwavering belief in her cause demonstrates her conviction that it would make a difference. As she boldly stated, “I’d do it again. You have the wrong world view, not me.”

In the movie Sophie Scholl: The Final Days, Sophie Scholl exhibits immense bravery by challenging and expressing her beliefs despite societal norms that discouraged women from opposing men. Despite knowing the potential consequences, she fearlessly embraces them as she has already accepted her guilt. Consequently, when presented with the chance to speak before the people’s court, she eagerly seizes it to reaffirm her convictions. Her aspiration is to create a significant influence by connecting with even just a few individuals.

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