Frank Abagnale In Movie “Catch Me If You Can” Analysis

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He chases Frank for many years and had been fooled by Frank for many times. He always being mocked by other agents for do not check the fraud case properly and take a long of time to catch Frank. THE HERO AND THE VILLAIN The hero in this movie is agent Carl Hanratty. The ethical dilemma he have is whether he should letting Frank go when he tried to pose as a pilot and run away again. The villain in this movie is Frank Abagnale Jr. The ethical dilemma he faced is how he want to use 325 in his checking account for his survival when he run away to Manhattan either in a right or wrong path.

Next, he also did not know whether he should tell Brenda’s father the truth about his identity. ETHICAL AND LEGAL ISSUES One of the ethical issue in this movie is deceive others for their own benefits. Frank is lied to the officers to obtain information about Pan American Airlines. He is pretending of doing some story for school for get information about Pan Am. He also used Pan Am airline expertise and ‘hires’ eight local college girls to be a part of stewardess program in order to cover his movement in Miami International Airport to run away from the police and FBI agent.

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Secondly, falsify his own identity. In this movie, Frank falsified his identity and trick others using another identity to gain money. He become a pilot in Pan Am Airlines using Frank Taylor’s identity and gain many benefits from Pan Am and lso get to tour around the world for free. He also get changed his identity as a doctor who has Harvard Medical School degree and become a lawyer with Brenda’s father’s help. Thirdly, forge the checks to make money without trying to get it in a right ways.

At first, Frank made his own fake check using his creativity and managed to deceive the bank successfully. After he ran out of checks, he manages to find a printer that be TABLE to turn out real checks under Pan Am’s name in Montrichard, France. He made a lot of fake check and deceives many banks around the world. In return, he got almost $4 million dollar illegally. Lastly, the ethical issue that we have in this movie is using an illegal money for their own use and to comfort their living.

Frank used the money that he had from the forged check to stay in fancy hotel suites and eating at expensive restaurants, with the bills going to Pan Am. He also get a brand-new Cadillac to give to his father as a gift. ACTIONS TAKEN BY THE VILLAIN FROM A CONSEQUENTIALIST POINT OF VIEW Consequentialism is an actions taken is right if it will leads to the greatest outcomes for the greatest number of people. In this movie, actions taken by Frank Abagnale Jr. does not give a great benefits to many people around him.

His actions is just to help his father to regain his losses but it does not give any benefits to other people. It will help his fatheMs bankruptcy but a lot of banks will getting loss because of his forgery check. Frank’s actions in changing his identity also gives many bad impact to others. For instance, when he become a fake doctor, he cannot do anything to the injured patients and just let the other doctors to handle it. ACTIONS TAKEN BY THE HERO FROM A DEONTOLOGY POINT OF VIEW Deontology means the rules and principles are important for guiding human action.

They believe that an action is ethical if it followed the rules and universal laws. In this movie, agent Carl Hanratty still want chasing Frank for his criminal even though Frank want to settle down and ask him to not chase him again. Carl said that it is his duty to catch Frank because he had stolen almost 54 million dollar and changes his identity into several persons. ACTIONS BASED ON GOLDEN RULE Golden rules is what we should do to others as what we want them to do to us. In this movie, I WOUld take a different actions if I were in the villain shoes.

At first, when the parents divorced and I will choose between father or mother that I want to stay together rather than to run away from them. But, if make a decision to run away, I will not forged the checks and using someone else’s identities to make money. Forged the checks and changed the identity is against the ethical value and it is against the law. Instead of using someone else’s identity to make money for helping to regain fathers losses, I would trying hard to get a job in a prudent manner even though I have to start from bottom. lso will not lied about my identity to the girl that I love in order to get her attention because it will leads to distrust in that relationship. If I were in the villain shoes, I would feel ashamed of myself. should not get an employment using a dirty ways. If other people can trying hard to achieve what they want in their life in a right ways, why do not act like them too. also feel guilty to Brenda for lying to her about my identity in order to grab her attention. LESSONS FROM THE MOVIE Many lessons that learned from this movie. One of them is, dishonesty will lways catch up with you.

In the end, all of Frank’s lies is being caught by the FBI and he is given a 12 year prison sentence. At the same time, he also lost his family and his fortune. Even though we feel satisfied when we achieve what we want, but if we get it using dirty ways, in the end we have to bear the conseq uences and get punishment. In retributive justice principles, Frank should be punish for his wrongdoing and break the laws. In order to maintain the justice while punishing Frank, Carl have gather many evidence and Frank himself surrender to the police. In this movie, I also get a good lesson from Franks actions.

Frank’s actions also give me a positive lesson if I see it in the positive perspectives. He shows me that we must have confidence in doing anything. Frank had the confidence to be a pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer even though he did not have any education about all of that job. He trust himself that he can do it and he had the confidence to convince others to believe him. Reason that he can be successful in his crime is also because of his confidence. If we applied this skills in positive ways, we can also be successful like Frank in this movie.

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