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Film review example for students

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Mystery, Thriller cast Guy Pearce as Leonard, Carrie-Ann Moss as Natalie, Joe Pantoliano as Teddy, Mark Boone as Burt, Stephen Tobolowsky as Junior Sammy Writer/Director – Christopher Nolan. Synopsis – Guy Pearce stars as a man who is trying to track down the man who raped and murdered his wife, but has difficulties along the way with the fact that he suffers from a rare untreaTABLE form of memory loss.

He can’t remember what happened 1 5 minutes ago, where he’s going or why.

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Film review example for students
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He reates his own system of remembering things so he can hunt down the murderer of his wife; without his short – term memory loss being an obstacle. Review – 3/5 Although I did find the films to be a good movie I don’t think would watch it again. I did not understand the plot because it was confusing.

I could not depict one key-point in the plot, if the last thing he remembers is his wife’s death, how does he remember his short-term memory loss? As well as the two methods that Leonard tries to keep the memories he makes using olaroid photos and tattoos doesn’t appeal to me due to that they don’t pose a permaent remembrance, Maybe a Journal or online blog would help him remember what is being done or changed from previous details.

I also thing that writing down things that happen dont always work out to benefit him due to the scene when Natalie takes his pens so he cant write down how she manipulated him into punching her so she could get him to kill someone. The people around him show great annoyance because he cant remember what is going on due to only being to remember 10 minutes at a time. I think a more realistic approach would have made the movie more interesting Living in a home or not so sketchy people as “friends”.

I believe that this movie is good for ages 17 and older; I believe this due to the graphic details. The lighting in the movie made me annoyed and didn’t make it enjoyTABLE, the music made you predict the upcoming events. Comparing to the short story you see an extreme difference, from the locations of events to names to what the character IS expressed to look like.

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