Nelson mandela imprisonment

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Nelson Mandela was a black South African who fought for the end of apartheid, which was a system where non-white citizens were separated from whites and didn’t have equal rights. He spent most of his life in goal for his protests but continued to be a symbol of freedom to the people. Later he became the first black president of South Africa through the first fully- representative democratic election. Nelson Mandela definitely had a positive influence on the world. He struggled against oppression in his country, South Africa.

He was in prison for 27 years because of his views against apartheid; he showed the world that people should fight for what they believe in. Mandela was a key player in the war against racial discrimination. He opened the eyes of all the people around the world to the fact that it doesn’t matter what your nationality is or whether your skin is blue with purple stripes, we all deserve equal rights. All around the world today, people are standing up to oppressive governments, demanding rights and freedoms; we now know, hanks to the inspiration of Nelson Mandela, that we all should have the chance to choose the way we live.

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Mandela also showed us that we should never give up; we should keep fighting for what we believe in, because eventually we will succeed. Mandela’s main contribution was his ability to inspire other world leaders to do better. At his funeral over 90 world leaders, four of which were former US presidents, came to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela. Barack Obama was one of six people who spoke, and he too was inspired by Mandela’s perseverance to end apartheid. Obama said in his eulogy; “It woke me up to my responsibilities, to others, and to myself.

It sent me on an improbTABLE journey that finds me here today. And while I will always fall short of Mandela’s example, he makes me want to be a better man”. Nelson Mandela had many moments that made him famous but, in my opinion he became famous when he was elected president, because after many, many years fighting against the apartheid, he had succeeded. He had finally shown people that everyone is equal. There are many quotes that reflect Nelson Mandela, but the one that I like best was by one of the most rueful people in the world, President Barack Obama.

He says; “He tells us washes possible, not just in the dusty pages of history books but in our own lives as well. Mandela showed us the power of action, on taking risks on behalf of our ideals”. This quote basically means that we can do anything and its not just the powerful, people in history who can make a difference. We can change the world just by making our everyday choices the right ones. And that we shouldn’t stand by and let others make our decisions, we should take the risks on behalf of our beliefs.

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