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Extemporaneous Speech Topics

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Having to deliver on extemporaneous speech topics can frustrate even the most experienced speaker who is typically prepared well in advance for the speech they are going to give.

Speech Topic: What is the Goal of Speaking on Extemporaneous Speech Topics?

The goal of extemporaneous speaking (sometimes called extemp) is to briefly persuade or inform your audience on a question given to you to answer.Giving an extemporaneous speech does not always involve giving a speech for which there is no preparation time – sometimes you may have around 30 minutes to prepare.

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Speaking extemporaneously, on the other hand, often involves being able to put your speech together in a coherent manner whilst speaking, by means of spontaneous word choices as well as developing themes that may have been set out in advance.In order to give an extemporaneous speech, you are going to have to be familiar with the subject. As a matter of fact, the more intimately familiar you are with the subject the easier it will be for you to speak.

There’s not really an outline that can be used in order to create this type of speech, but if advance preparation IS possible, then more time should be given to familiarizing yourself with the subject rather than writing the speech out word for word.

Do Extemporaneous Speech Topics Follow a Pattern?An extemporaneous speech can follow a specific pattern which tends to make it flow.- You should have an introduction, where you discuss the information at hand with the audience and introduce them to any facts that they will need to know in order to follow the subject coherently.- The body of the talk should tie in well with the introduction, offer facts for your particular argument and then flow right into the conclusion of the talk. Make sure that you do not open up the body of your talk in too many different directions or it will be hard to tie them all together in the conclusion.

– The concluding part of your talk should reiterate the main points of the speech and then lead them through to a logical conclusion.The best way to deal with extemporaneous speech topics is by use of an outline. If you have never worked from an outline before, you may want to do a little bit of research in order to learn how to use one effectively.By putting the main points of the speech down in an outline and then speaking about them in an extemporaneous manner, it is easier to reach your audience on a personal level.This is because you tend to speak in a more “down to earth” manner, even though you may be establishing yourself as an authority on your subject.Although they are somewhat different to ‘typical’ speeches, extemporaneous speech topics tend to come out in a cleaner, easier to understand manner and are pretty fun once you’ve mastered them! 

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