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Questions and Answers on Literature

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    Introduce your poem with an introductory paragraph. Write the title of the poem and its author. Give a brief summary of the poem’s contents. A brief summary on Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven,” for example, would state that the speaker of the poem is longing for his lost love and becomes beguiled by a raven that speaks only one word, “nevermore. ” 2 Write about the poetic language and imagery. Does the poet use precise and vivid vocabulary to create detailed images? What literary devices are used to enhance meanings? Answer these questions by explaining and analyzing specific examples from the poem.

    Tell how the poet creates those images. A good example of this would be the poetry essay found at Bookstove. com. The poetry essay analyzes Poe’s use of simile and metaphor in “The Raven. ” 3 Write about sound and sense. Does the poet use rhythm and meter to create meaningful sounds in the poem? Which word sounds does the poet use to create pictures? Does the poet use vocabulary that appeals to the five senses? Answer these questions by explaining in your poetry essay how the poet’s choice of words creates meaningful sound.

    For example, a poetry essay on Poe’s “Raven” would show how the ABCBBB rhyme scheme helps to create a deeper sense of melancholy. 4 Write about emotion and feeling. Is the poet creating a feeling or mood? Does the poem evoke an emotional response? Answer these questions in your poetry essay by explaining what kind of response the poet is trying to evoke in his audience. A poetry essay on “The Raven” would describe how the use of melancholy word choices and repetition, coupled with the creepy raven and mourning for the lost Lenore, create a deep sense of sadness and despair for the reader. Write a conclusion to your poetry essay. Explain the author’s intent with the poem and whether or not he or she achieved that goal. Support your opinion with details from the poems It is about remorse: The boy in “Forgive my Guilt” wanted to kill without knowing the consequences. The boy is specifically waiting to kill and is prepared to do it when the moment comes. The author write in lines 8 and 9, “My gun went off, they ran with broken wings. ” Without thinking he shoots two birds and breaks their wings, making it impossible for them to fly again.

    Once he realizes the pain he has brought to them he begins to lament. The author said in line 11, “They cried like two sorrowful high flutes”. In lines 13 and 14, “For days I heard them, crying out to their kind in blue. ” The birds start to show pain, sadness, and loneliness so he moans with them. He pities them; as the poet wrote in lines 15 and 16 “the other plovers were going south, leaving these broken two. ” His birds were left behind for him to handle or until they died. At the end he feels guilt because the birds died eventually.

    L0ines 17 and 18 say “the cries went out one day; but I still hear them over all the sound of sorrow in war and peace. ”. During the time when they cried he was extremely sad and sorry. Now he knows they are dead and the sadness becomes guilt. This time he caused two deaths, and suffered the consequences. The deaths made him feel sorry, sad and pity during the beginning, when they died he knew he cost them everything and felt guilty. The author expresses it again in lines 23 and 24, “I have hoped for years all that is wold, airy, and beautiful will forgive my guilt. he poem is in four-line stanzas, rhymed abcb. They’re pentameters, not very regular. for some reason the stanzas are grouped into two sets, each of three stanzas. Forgive my guilt written by Robert P. Tristram Coffin is a narrative poem written in the 1st person which tells us about a man who is regretting his past when he use to kill birds. It is written in flashback because the persona wrote the poem as an adult with hindsight at his childhood how he used to lay on the frost flow with his gun being prepared to shoot. The dominant theme ascertained was remorseful.

    The persona showed a tone of regret. In lines 23 and 24 we saw where he asks the wild, airy and beautiful to forgive his guilt (in line 23 wild here is referring to the animals and in line 24 airy is referring to the flying creatures). We learned two of much imagery. They are tactile and visual. We were able to see visual imagery because we could have pictured the persona lying on the ground while waiting for the wild and airy to pass by to just shoot at it. And tactile because we could have tell or felt the sense of the atmosphere around.

    The dominant figure of speech is simile while there were others. We found three similes in lines 6 which states, two birds on golden legs slim as dream things, and here we see that they are comparing the birds to thing in dreams. The simile in line 7 says, ran like quicksilver on the golden sand here it is comparing how the birds would run like quicksilver on the beach which then describe the sand as golden and in line 11 the simile is they cried like two sorrowful high flutes comparing them to the high pitch sound that a flute give off.

    Other figure of speech discovered were metaphor in line 20 which says those slender flutes of sorrow never cease which is referring the birds in his head the cried that the birds made would never go away. Also, a pun was ascertained in line 21 where it says two airy things forever denied the air in this the pond would be denied the air. It has two meanings, one the birds denied the air because they could fly again and two they are no longer going to be able to breathe. The moods I got from this…

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