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I Believe in Books

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  • Pages 3
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    Books are an escape from the real world, into a more interesting and fun world. I believe in the places where social outcasts are not only accepted, but are built into heroes and adored by many. I believe in the unthinkable possibilities becoming a reality through pure grit and determination through a person or group. I believe that books provide people with essential knowledge that will make them smarter.

    I read a lot all of my life but I read the most in 4th grade. I enjoyed the different relatable characters and the adventures they go on. I had friends, but often wanted more. A book created friends that I can laugh with and cheer for. Books created an alternate dimension for an escape from my dull surroundings. In elementary school, I began to read the Harry Potter series. I enjoyed the amazing school that was shown to be unique and I remember amazing characters that were described so greatly that I felt that I actually knew them. The series involves a group of characters that work together towards a common goal of becoming wizards and succeeding in the wizarding world, and later a goal was to defeat the evil lord himself, Lord Voldemort. It demonstrated friendship and on a more subtle level shows the importance of good friendships, which is substantial in helping with loneliness and confusion of the world we live in. My favorite character was Ron Weasly because of his goofy nature and his indirect ability to show that not everybody has to be perfect, I found this very relatable. The adventures in the wizarding world can be compared to the everyday adventure of life and show that no matter how hard it can get there is light at the end of the tunnel, and how Life is easier to go through when there is a team around to support one in their goals. Later in life, I went through a difficult problem, where I was at constant boredom, I rarely hung out with my friends and I was constantly stressed with an immense amount of school work and tiring lacrosse practices. Every day would be the same exact thing of going to school, then going home to go to lacrosse practice, and after that I had to do all of my homework. This left me with no time to do what I wanted to do. When I was able to read it was just a little time where I was able to leave reality. But that little time was so great for me as for that little moment in time I became happy and cheerful. The more I read, the happier I got and the dullness of life began to disappear. I was dramatically changed as I began to be very happy and hang out with my friends almost every day.

    Books provide people with a large amount of information. Books are building blocks in learning new and old topics. Growing up I was told I could be anything I wanted as long as I put in the work it takes to do things and to learn the skills in the job that I wanted to do. Books create a sense of empowerment that enables one to be able to learn anything they want to. In middle school I decided that I wanted to be a dentist, at first I thought how hard this was going to be because of the amount of school that was ahead of me, and the fact that I have to have a good GPA all of those years discouraged me. However, through a few helpful books, I was able to learn new subjects and dentistry. I finally learned more about science and dentistry and reading about dentistry really boosted my confidence in becoming a dentist. I remember one time I went to the dentist and my dentist was amazed at the number of topics I knew in dentistry. This raised my confidence by a million, and I thank books for that.

    I believe in books. I believe in the knowledge that comes with them. I believe in the million lives you will live reading books. Books are amazing, read a few.

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