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In winter in my room

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I came upon a Worm -? Pink, lank and warm -? But as he was a worm And worms presume Not quite with him at home -? Secured him by a string To something neighboring And went along. A Trifle afterward A thing occurred I’d not believe it if I heard But state with creeping blood A snake with mottles rare Surveyed my chamber floor In feature as the worm before But ringed with power -? The very string with which I tied him -? too When he was mean and new That string was there -? I shrank -? “How fair you are”!

Appropriation’s claw -? Afraid,” he hissed “Of me”? “No cordiality -? He fathomed me -? Then to a Rhythm Slim Secreted In his Form As Patterns swim Projected him.

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In winter in my room
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That time I flew Both eyes his way Lest he pursue Nor ever ceased to run Till in a distant Town Towns on from mine This was a dream.

‘In Winter in My Room’ is set in winter, at a time of emotional barrenness and isolation. Finds in her room a harmless worm Worm = lover, tied by a string, idea of being restricted by someone.

Worm becomes a snake = it grew (sexual connotation, phallic? ) Ties of marriage, person has transformed. Sin’ “How fair you are” = flattery, appeasing the snake, attempting to. Disgust & admiration, also submission = sexual act 1. 24-31 Snake = snake of Eden? Evil, sly, cruel? Symbolic? Finds a harmless worm in her room; stands for male companion. Cautious, decides to keep it tied with a string. But the worm remain contained, and when she returns, she encounters a powerful snake that threatens her.

She shrinks in fear and attempts to appease it:”How fair you are! / Propitiation claw’; desires and advances. His advances please and attract her. His rising sexual desire rallies the coiling rhythm of a snake about to attack. Fascinated, yet terrified, she wavers momentarily for she cannot shake her own deep-seated fears of masculine aggression. He, who was ‘pink, lank and something warm’; phallic imagery; becomes ‘ringed with power’; coiled to attack; and threatens to break out of the controls she had put on him.

Retreats to “a distant Town/ Towns on from mine”; isolated state of being; to her former isolated self. Poem ends abruptly with what first appears to be a deliberate diversion: “This was a dream”, but we know that in an effort to wipe her memory clean of the experience, o repress the inadequacy she felt as desire was overcome by terror, she maintains, “This was a dream”. ‘Secreted in his form’; natural male force.

The poem is allegorical in its framework for it depicts a woman’s rejection of the physical by saying that it “was a dream”; not real but opposed to reality. Its imagery has invited Freudian interpretations as to how the conscious mind, the ego denies and rejects the surging drives of the subconscious. ‘Fathomed’; studied and comprehended, that she is attracted towards him. Before marriage? Sin committed if sexual act so pretend it was a dream?

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