Jurassic Park: Comparision Between Book and Movie

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Michael Crichton, a master of suspense, has created a novel for yourimagination. This book involves prehistoric animals and plants from theJurassic era. Steven Spielberg took on this book, as a movie project to add tohis collection of visually mastered Science-Fiction motion pictures. Both themovie and the book have captured the imagination of people around the world. Inthis paper, it will show the similarities and differences for the first third ofthese two superb creations.

One of the similarities of both the movie and the book is theconstruction accident. The movie and the book’s opening scenes show someJurassic Park workers loading a dinosaur into a maximum security cage. Thedinosaur grabbed a hold of one of the workers causing chaos throughout theworksite. The construction worker was drawn in by the dinosaur and neverreturned. After this “construction accident,” the worker’s family was suingJurassic Park for a sizable sum of money. The family sent out a lawyer to theisland to see if the park is safe, and if its the cause for their relative’sdeath.

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The book tells stories that the movie doesn’t show. One of those is abouta little girl. The little girl is vacationing with her parents when she goesoff by herself exploring. She was looking for animals for her class, when shestumbles upon a lizard. She starts to get closer, when the lizard attacks her.

The little girl starts to scream and cry until her parents come running to gether. At the sight of the adults, the lizard ran off. The girl’s parents rushher to the nearest hospital. There, she is treated for serious scratches andincisions to her body. Later on, she tried to describe what the lizard lookedlike, but no one believed her because the description sounded nothing like anyknown species of lizards. She drew a picture of what she remembered the lizardlooking like.

Meanwhile, back at the sight where she had been attacked, a man waslooking for a lizard matching her description. He saw a Howler monkey finishinghis meal. The man recognized the tail and shot the monkey, so he could retrievethe remains of the lizard. The man brought the remains of the lizard to thedoctor who sought out the treatment to the little girl. The doctor had no ideaon what the lizard could be. She took an X-ray of the remaining section of thetail, and sent the X-ray and the picture the little girl drew to Dr. Alan Grant.

Dr. Grant is a Paleontologist who was currently working on a site. Dr. Grant took a look at the pictures and immediately knew that in fact it was not alizard, yet a dinosaur. As to jinxing the dinosaur thought, Mr. John Hammondcame to visit Dr. Grant. Mr. Hammond has been funding Dr. Grant’s research anddevelopments for thousands of dollars. Mr. Hammond wanted Dr., Grant to come tohis park and to consider endorsing it. Mr. Hammond also invited Ellie Sattlerto come along for the weekend. Ellie is a Palenbotanist who was working with Dr. Grant.

This is where the book and the movie rejoin. Dr. Grant and Ellie areflown to Isle Nubar along with Ian Malcom a Chaotition and Hammond’s twograndchildren Lex and Tim. Dr. Grant and Ellie along with Malcom, Lex, Tim andthe lawyer Gennaro tour the park. At the beginning of the tour some things start going wrong. The dinosaursaren’t coming out when they are suppose to, another dinosaur is sick, only tostart a sting of problems off. That is where my section ends and the second third picks up.

If youhaven’t seen Jurassic Park the movie or read Jurassic Park the book, I highlysuggest you do. A master of suspense and the leader of visual effects meeting,is sure to be a winning team.

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