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The French film La Femme Nikita is a romantic action drama that follows the transformation of convicted felon Nikita into a highly skilled assassin. Directed by Luc Besson, the film showcases the process of Nikita’s hard transformation from a homeless drug addict to a femme fatale. Throughout the movie, Nikita falls in love and faces various challenges that test her skills and character. The film’s techniques are bold and dramatic, with action scenes and a touch of romance. While some parts of the movie may seem off-topic, the action, drama, lies, and romance keep viewers engaged until the end. Critics praise the character Nikita’s complexity, describing her as a frighteningly believable product of modern culture. Overall, La Femme Nikita is a must-watch for fans of femme fatale and romance movies.

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a) French film “La Femme Nikita” is a romantic action drama based on the convicted felon Nikita, who is than trained and given a new identity as a top secret assassin.

b) Writer and director Luc Bessson of drama “La Femme Nikita” directors Ann Parillaud to showcase the process of Nikita’s (Anne Parillaud) hard transformation from homeless drug addict to highly skilled femme fatale assassin. Throughout Nikita’s journey she falls through the cracks with love, lies and defeat.

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c) The techniques for the film are blot and in your face. For example the first scene in the mix of getting caught and ram shacked by police for burglary, she guns down a cop. Than scene after scene the film continues to build up her bad ass and fearlessness character with dramatic techniques and action scenes. With the help of the government and mentor Bob (Tchéky Karyo) she becomes more reserved and learns to channel her angry and fighting skills giving her the ability to turn it on and off when needed for missions which make her the ultimate assassin. Director added a romance to mix up viewers and to make Nikita’s job more confusing than expected, to show viewers a softer side of Nikita. In addition the film begins to develop the falling of the great femme fatale assassin when she falls to complete an important mission, that than ruined her life.

d) To sit down and watch many physical and mental changes throughout the film will give you some insight on someone’s that does not have control over their destiny. From the transformation to the failure of it all, will keep you intrigued and engaged. Although few scenes of the film fall off the story line going back and forth from missions to her romantic lover, but at the same time the action and romance is what keeps you interested on how the action and romance will play a part from beginning to end. If you love a femme fatale and a romance film, La Femme Nikita is highly recommended. Never is the movie predictable. The action, drama, lies and romance will leave you wondering what will happen next.

e) Randy Pitman La Femme Nikita film review takes part on the character Nikita mentally and emotionally for example “Nikita is neither a machine nor an idealized human; she’s a frighteningly believable product of modern culture”. “Part child, part woman, part amoral killer, part sensitive lover, Nikita breaks the spy/assassin stereotype”. Giving more of what you’re going to get out of Nikita’s character.

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