Low Turnout of American Voters

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America’s vote system is in desperate demand of alterations. Is this because American electors do non care about who is running? Why is it that when election clip comes around the center and lower category feel like they are nil? Is this due to the fact that they can non afford to take off work to vote. or they feel their ballots do non number. or instead that they are merely less educated on political relations and non really politically active? Merely approximately 68 % of African Americans voted in the 2008 election and merely approximately 63 % of Caucasians voted. This is the ground that America’s vote system is in desperate demand of alteration.

In America vote is voluntary non mandatory. We give electors the option whether or non to vote for one individual or another. This gives the electors a say in who they want to win the election by voting for whom they wish. or if they wish. ballot for no 1 at all. In some other states voting is compulsory. which means that it is compulsory for them to vote. In this instance the electors have to make up one’s mind whether or non they want one campaigner over another. They do non possess the option to non vote at all. This being said does it count to American’s who is running in the election? The reply is yes and no ; yes because these are the people that will be running the state someday. and no because some electors do non care for either party in the election.

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Low and in-between income electors should hold a voice besides. The job is that the polls are merely unfastened during the hebdomad and during on the job hours. This makes it hard for them to take off to vote because they can non afford to take the clip off in today’s economic system. The low and in-between income electors feel that their ballots do non number because there has been so much guess stating that merely the senate ballots count. This puts them in the mentality of “why waste the clip vote if my ballot does non count” ? Aside from all of that the biggest ground is that low and in-between income electors tend to be less educated and non really politically active when it comes to vote.

Who is it that is voting these yearss? Statisticss say that merely 97 % of African Americans and merely 96 % of Caucasic electors voted in the 2012 election. 95 % of them were of Latino descent and 95 % were of Asiatic descent. Of those 95 % were between the ages of 18-29 and 94 % were aged 65 and above. Of these electors 94 % were low income electors. and 96 % were in-between income electors ( Edison Research for the National Election Pool. 2012 ) .

“The per centum of eligible electors who cast ballots varies from election to election. but elector turnout in general. even presidential elections. is lower than in most other democracies. Since 1960. elector turnout has by and large declined signifier 64 per centum ( 1960 ) to merely over 50 per centum ( 1996 ) . although it increased once more over the last two elections merely over 60 per centum ( Olson. 2007 ) USA elections in brief. ” There are things we can make as American electors to repair these issues. The first thing that can be done is to promote American’s to vote no affair who the campaigner is. The 2nd thing that can be done is to do the vote agenda more accessible to the low and in-between income electors that work. The last and concluding thing that can be done is to educate American electors on whether or non their ballots truly count.


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