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Mental Health Disorder Essay

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  • Pages 3
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    How can kids stop from thinking about harming themselves? Some schools need this because they aren’t getting the support they need to get through school without thinking no one likes them. Students should receive mental health education and support in school because some people don’t know how to notice or to deal with mental health. Another way this could support kids with mental health syndrome is there is 80% of kids with mental health disorder that will not try to speak out or try to get friends and have someone to talk about it with. I’ve personally seen kids with depression they usually have their hood on and never talk and they barely ever talk. Some of these kids actually don’t come to school much or they just don’t care at all.

    One way this would help is there friends might find out how to notice or help there friend with mental health syndrome. This could lead to less sucide cases with that means for kids might be happy. This also means that there may be less school shootings because research says that almost half of school shooters are kids that are depressed and get bullied on a regular basis. “Victims of bullying may suffer physically and emotionally, and schoolwork will likely show it. Grades drop because instead of listening to the teacher, kids are wondering what they did wrong and whether anyone will sit with them at lunch” (Scholastic). If all the evidence in this paragraph is pursued it may make a huge difference in society.

    Another way this would help is 80% of people with this disorder don’t get help, which means if schools have experts in a building that knows how to teach how to notice that means this could reduce that percentage down to at least 50%. Also this could help kids interact with the ones that usually don’t get talked to or the depressed one. According to Joe Mclean “Mental illness, particularly depression, is predicted to become one of the most major health problems in the future”(Why Mental Health Education In Schools Are Important). That means if schools could have helpers in schools it might change that answer. Which means it would would reduce that number by thousands.

    Some people think that schools shouldnt have helper for mental health issues. Well if people have the help they need ten that means there would be less cases of people having mental health syndrome globally. If schools don’t use their money wisely to help kids that need help that could really screw up there life. This could make them feel like no one is noticing them and not caring at all. Which that would be bad add on to people who already have depression. If School use their money wisely it could save some kids life possibly. If school do add in this program kids might feel a lot better about themselves because they would know that someone is noticing them and they have someone wanting to try helping.

    Again schools should have mental health teachers and helpers in school because it would reduce depression by numbers. One reason it would be helpful is some kids don’t know how to notice depression and this would help some kids get less bullied and get talked to more. Also this could help by the 80% of depression not getting help this could reduce that number by a bunch. That’s why schools should have mental health teachers to help kids notice and talk to the kids with mental health syndrome. I’ve personally seen kids with depression they usually have their hood on and never talk and they barely ever talk. Some of these kids actually don’t come to school much or they just don’t care at all.

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