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Moon and Solar Eclipse Essay

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  • Pages 3
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    No one can really ever imagine the world without the Moon because it’s been in our solar system for billions of years. The Moon holds such an important relationship with Earth. Without the Moon, our daily lives here on earth would change significantly. There’s been many sayings throughout time that say that the Moon affects peoples mood, farming, animal behavior, and weirdly enough even women’s menstrual cycles. Although those things haven’t really been tested, there are other various ways that not having a Moon can actually really affect the Earth.

    On average, the Moon is 14,000 times bigger than the next brighter planet Venus. Without the moon our nights would be darker then before. Even with Venus shinning down on us, it still wouldn’t be enough to light up the night like the Moon does. Although we would have darker nights, the dark skies would be great for anyone with a telescope. Also, stargazing would be amazing because you’d be able to see every single star up in the sky. As pretty and as good as that sounds nothing beats having the beautiful Moon up there.

    Without the Moon, we would no longer have eclipse. Whether we were talking about solar or lunar eclipse, we would no longer have any sort of eclipse. The Sun and the Moon need to be aligned in order for an eclipse to happen. For a solar eclipse to occur, it’d need to happen during a new-moon phase. The Moon moves directly in a line between the Earth and the Sun. For a lunar eclipse, the Moon moves within the shadow of Earth. Like the solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse would need to occur during a new Moon phase. Usually, the eclipse only occurs four times a year. Eclipse help scientists study and learn about the weather in space. And, eclipses help scientist study the layer of plasma surfing stars. Without the Moon, it would be difficult for scientist to study these things.

    With no Moon, we’d have little to no wave tides. The Sun and Moon have an impact on wave tides, determining how high, low, or strong the waves are. When the Sun and Moon align, it causes waves to be higher and stronger than usual. During a half moon, the waves get a bit smaller because of the decrease in phase of the Moon. Knowing the Moon has a great impact on the sizes of tides, if the Moon were to no longer exist, we would have little to no tides. If there were no more waves, then a lot of marine life would go extinct.

    The Moon has an impact on the movement of the Earth, causing it to have a tiny frictional force. With no Moon, the rotational rate at which the Earth is moving at would slow down more and more over time. The Sun would slightly slow down which would cause the hours in our day to change. We would no longer be living our 24 hour lifestyle, but instead our days would last 6-12 hours. About a few billion years ago when dinosaurs were roaming the Earth, days would last only 22 hours. But if the Moon didn’t exist, in about four million years, leap years would most likely no longer occur. This would be due to the fact that the rate at which the Earth is rotating, it would start to rotate slower and the length of the days would get longer.

    The Moon affects the way the earth tilts. The Earth’s tilt now is about 23.5-degrees. This information means that our planet is leaning slightly to one side as it sits in space. The tilting on earth creates seasons and changes in weather. The tilt on Earth would change without the pull of the Moon. The tilt would either become extreme, leading us to have extreme seasons, or the tilt would decrease causing us to have almost no seasons or no seasons at all.

    As you can see, there are various ways in which having no moon could impact our lives. The moon holds such an important relationship with Earth. With no Moon, we’d have super dark nights, no more eclipse, little to no waves, longer days, and seasons will be affected. I’m not sure if anyone has wanted a world without the Moon, but I know for a fact that if it was gone people would miss it in the long run.

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