My Cool Winter Break

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My winter break went by very fast. I was disappointed to come back to school already. But I did enjoy my break! I did many fun things over break. I hung out with friends, went downtown and partied for New Years Eve, and snowboarded at Cascade Mountains and Alpine with friends.

First thing I did over break was hang out with friends. We went Christmas shopping together. We also went to the movies, out to lunch, and drove around. It was fun to be with friends almost every day. We slept over at each other’s house every day. One day at my house then theirs.

Next thing I did was go to downtown Chicago for New Years Eve. We went to Bacci’s pizza for dinner. Then rode the red line back to Millennium Park to see the fireworks. It was cool out that day not cold about 45 degrees. After that, I went home and got the car then went to a friend’s party at his house, partied all night til the morning. Wow I was so tired.

Next thing I did over break was snowboarding at Alpine Mountains and Cascade Mountains. I went with my friends we all drove together. It was so much fun. We snowboarded all day long to make our money’s worth! Then we went to the Olive Garden for dinner. Best memories of winter break. I would like to go back again soon.

Overall, my break went very good, stayed safe and out of trouble. Completed all of my work for school. I was even able to do homework and go out sometimes. Now I have told you about how much fun I had going snowboarding and New Years Eve, and hanging out with friends. It was a blast and great way to kick off to 2011 !

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