Othello Essay

Behind the face is a retained or damaged soul. William Shakespeare clearly shows the true identities of the characters of Othello during their times of greatness. The themes that are thoroughly portrayed throughout the story and the temper of certain characters end up in a killing spree. The advancement in ranking ends up in a man vs man conflict, and that shows how Jealousy and Honor. The general argument of all characters ends up be trail and a shit load of jealousy and that shows that close friends can end up stabbing each other in the back and showing how selfish one can be. Honor and jealousy are truly being shown through the story of Othello while the same emotions and ideas are running in Shakespeare’s life.
At the moment of rejoice and happiness Othello comes in after war and shows great gratitude amongst his people. However he didn’t know what was going on amongst the ranked and the royalty.
With trust being a huge issue at the time, the city’s royalty broke into two. The sense able and the selfish. Through the first couple of acts it was hard to distinguish due to the temporary Utopia. At the moment of true betrayal was when Desdemona cheats on Othello and the whole handkerchief scheme unravels and Othello goes on a rage. At one point Cassio asks Desdemona to help him get his job back after Othello fired him for fighting drunkenly the night before. Desdemona agrees to sweet talk Othello until he gives in and says he’ll take Cassio back. Later, Desdemona comes in and finds Othello upset. She tries to comfort him, but accidentally drops the special handkerchief that Othello gave her. At this point the whole identity of life itself fell apart and turned into a living hell. The trust fell apart

Othello Essay

The passage I read from Othello by William Shakespeare begins in act 3 line 295. It begins with Desdemona offering her handkerchief to Othello because he was complaining about having a headache. Othello tells her to put it away, that he is fine and does not need it. In doing so she accidently drops it on the floor when she tries putting it back in her pocket. Emilia notices Desdemona drops it and picks it up and gives it to Lago. Lago has asked her to steal something that belonged to Desdemona, so Emilia thought that this was a great chance to please Lago. She gives it to Lago without telling Emilia what his intentions where. Lago wants the handkerchief so he can plant it in Cassio’s room. Lago and Othello have a conversation about Desdemona and her faithfulness. Lago has been planting seeds in Othello’s head about Desdemona and her loyalty. Of course, Othello at first does not believe any of this and asks Lago for evidence. Lago makes up a story that one night he slept next to Cassio. That night Cassio was having a dream about Desdemona and in his dream he was kissing her and pretty much making love to her. Othello still really didn’t want to believe that Desdemona could be unfaithful to him. He told Lago that, that was only a dream. So Lago then brought up the handkerchief again, telling Othello that he saw Cassio wipe his beard with it. At this point Othello had enough and he wanted to kill both of them.

In response to my own post, keep in mind I have never seen or read this play before, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. I think that Lago is either in love with Othello or just a shit starter, or maybe both. I can’t believe someone would do something like that. I really do think Othello is going to kill both Cassio and Desdemona. I just don’t get the point of why Lago would go to all this trouble in setting up Cassio and Desdemona. Even if Lago was in love with Othello, I’m pretty sure Othello wouldn’t just turn gay for Lago. I hope Othello…

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