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There are many perceptual experiences on the verse form Pass/Fail and what it truly means. I However. see this verse form relating in life in general. There are many quotation marks in this verse form that remind me of the obsticals in life. The manner people expect us to neglect. and even we dont want to neglect it will go on. I like this verse form because it is really true and up to day of the month. The tone of this verse form mite be really discourging but in my eyes it is besides really encourgeing. Some people besides relate this verse form to prove anxiousness. I can besides associate this to life’s anxiousness. There are ever obtiscals in life that we face. In this verse form it says “No affair how you succed wake up. asleep there is a trial waiting to be failed” ( 1252 ) . Yes this can be realted to school but I see that in life no affair what you do there is ever a trial that you can either neglect or go through. We mite non relize that they are trials but each and eveyday God gives us prove that we can either base on balls or fail. They are about the same as trial in school because if you fail you can be punished for them with bad classs. and in life you can be punished with effects.

The writer said ” The dream beckons with two dull pencils. but you havent even taken the course” ( 1252 ) . I can associate this to life because with a dream wholly you have at first is a dream starteing from sctract non knoowing what can go on. Two dull pencils can associate to this because you do non cognize what your acquiring yourself into and the trails that come along the manner can be really dull. Of class you dont cognize what can go on because you havent lived your hereafter and thats a class itself. Many people expect us to neglect. “When you reach for a book it closes its door in your face” ( 1252 ) . I can associate this to life because everytime you try to make something productive or good. there is ever something that will keep you down from doin this. Every clip you think you got something right its incorrect in person ELs eyes. “When you conjugte a verb it is in the incorrect language” ( 1252 ) . I believe that whenever your even keeping a conversation with person they mite think that your grammer is incorrect. No affair what you do. fundamentally your wrong in some type of manner in anybodys eyes.

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“You willl ne’er graduate from this dream of bluish books” ( 1252 ) . Yes this qoute is speaking about school. but agian I percieve this as a statement stating that success is non in your way. However this is what other people can state upon you. but its merely you who can find your way. I Iike to believe of this verse form as a really inspirational verse form. because its so discourging it kinda gives you motive to turn out you can go through and succed. Even though we might neglect we still learn from our errors. I like how in this whole verse form the writer is really discourging but at the terminal she says ” Turn to the cool side” ( 1252 ) . So even though there mite be all of these obtisals and faliures expecting for you thre is still a cool side.

She says ” You will still surround in all the plumes that have to be learned by heart” ( 1252 ) . I believe this statement is really true. beacuse no affair what you do or state in persons eyes you are incorrect. However. along the route you will larn all about your errors along the manner. taking you to cognize what non to make or state. So whenever you do hold an anxiousness about a trial. test of life or anything you will ever cognize in the dorsum of your head you will at least cognize what non to make or state. I like how she says they will be learned from the bosom. beacuse when people do state you fail or your incorrect it ever hits you in your bosom because possibly you tried so difficult and you still were told you were incorrect.

I merely love how this whole verse form can be percieved. The tone is really discourging but is really true. because in this universe you about have to be perfect and no affair how hrd you try in anything there is ever something incorrect in what you do. There is ever a new trial awaiting for you tommrow. it doesnt nessicarly hold to be in school it can be in life and that can give you anxiety itself. When you asleep you dont cognize what trial is expecting for you tommrow. Even though you may believe your right your non ever traveling to be perfect in anybodys eyes. Everythime you think your a measure in front life itself brings you ten stairss behind. ever giving you something to work for. The route itself in life can be really difficult and dull. but either manner you look at it your either passing or weakness. Which should ever give you the motive to go through because of the many faliures and embarrasements in the yesteryear that have been learned from your bosom.

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