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Pillsbury Cookie Challenge Case Study Sample

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1. • By the terminal of this presentation you will be convinced that Pillsbury can increase its family incursion by re-engaging with bing users. by accommodating to new consumer demands. and by changing the perceptual experience of the merchandise in the heads of consumers. 2. • Background• Challenges in the Canadian Market• The Pillsbury Sub-Culture• Study Results• Strengths and Opportunities• New Market Segmentation• Recommendations• Implementation Timeline• Conclusion 3. • General Mills Canada ( GMCC ) – 2nd largest division within General Mills International section – leader in the Canadian packaged nutrients market – Refrigerated Baked Goods ( RBG ) is the 4th largest class of GMCC• Pillsbury dominated RBG class with 85 % market share• Refrigerated cookies represent 62 % RBG’s unit gross revenues & A ; 75 % category’s net income 4.

Company STRUCTURE General Mill Inc US Retail International Food Services GMCC BakedBreakfast -RBG Meals Snacks 5. • Multiple flavours• Two formats: Chub & A ; Ready-to-bake• Seasonal cooky merchandises for vacation season were sold at a premium• Regular Price $ 2. 99 – $ 4. 99 6.

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Pillsbury Cookie Challenge Case Study Sample
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• Annual volume growing of 1 % in past 3 years• Household incursion has fallen to 24 % • Assessment of the advertizement revealed the deficiency of effectivity for trade name acknowledgment and relevance• US Advertising runs adapted for Canadian market – Failed to bring forth the jutting one-year growing of 5-7 % 7.

• More than 50 % families bake cookies from scratch• 32 % considered it “Value for Money”• Quality of dough was a concern for many consumers• 31 % Canadian population like the spirits offered• 23 % said it made the right sum of cookies• 15 % consider it the right size for childs 8. Mothers• Mid-30s to 40s• Leading an Active & A ; busy lifestyle• Pressed for time• Looking for easy and convenient merchandise 9. “Why do you like Pillsbury’s cooky merchandises? ”• Easy. Quick & A ; Practical• Affordable• Crowd Pleasers ( Children’s ) • Gratification and Recognition• Little Secret ( “Homemade” ) • Better Quality Than Ready-made Merchandises 10. • Of all the 88 % who baked. all recognized the Pillsbury Doughboy• Majority recognized the trade name from either Television Commercials or childhood memories• Half of the respondents were cognizant of the location of Pillsbury cookies in their supermarket• Close to 40 % of respondents knew about the cooky merchandises and/or refrigerated merchandises 11. IN-STORE Display

12. • Strong Brand Identification• Appealing Experiential Aspect• NostalgicRelationship with Lapsed Consumers• Multiple Mediums Available for Baking and Cooking Enthusiasts• Healthy Lifestyles and Dietary Restrictions 13. New ConsumerExisting Consumer Lapsed Consumer ( Scratch Bakers. Single Dad. Aged People. Childs ) • New Flavours • Target Nostalgia • Experiential and Offerings • Healthier Aspect• Re-engagement Options • Individual with New • Trial Packages Servings Recipes and • Dietary Tools Restrictions 14. Product• Kid themed Offerings – Famous Cartoon Characters ( Shrek – Toy Story ) – Sports Themed – ( Hockey Puck. Football ) • New spirits – Healthier options: Low Cal. low fat. Sugar-Free – Dietary Restrictions: Gluten free. Low Sodium – New Flavours: Banana Nut. Maple. Etc. • Pillsbury Baking Tools – Cookie Cutters ( Kids Themed. Sports Themed ) – Timer. Oven Mitts. Aprons. Hats – Stencils. Brushes. Rollers 15. Re-New and Strengthen Relationship with Consumer• Nostalgic and Experiential Aspect – Happiness Generator and Bonding Agent – Gift Idea• Celebrity Spokesperson – Michael Smith / Rachael Ray / Sandra Lee – Easy and Quick Recipes – “Homemade”• Seasoned Bakers / Cooking Enthusiasts – Pillsbury Cookbook – Pillsbury Bake-Off – Increase Efforts in Social Media – Foodies 16. In-Store Display and Packaging

• New Custom Refrigerated Display Booth – Strategically Placed – Leverage Impulse Buying – Increase Visibility with Dough Boy Signage – Include all Pillsbury Branded Items• Packaging – Attractive Packaging for Kids – Trial Packages ( 3 Flavours ) – Size Servings ( Individual. Regular. Bulk Chub ) – Exploit Holiday Theme ( Pillsbury Gift Basket. Dough Boy Toys ) 17. • Advertisement / SpokespersonShort Term • Social Media / Experiential Component Medium • In-store Display & A ; Packaging Term • Product – FlavoursLong Term • Healthy and Dietary Restrictive Options 18. • Pillsbury can increase family incursion by regenerating and beef uping its relationship with bing and nonchurchgoing consumers• Changing the perceptual experience of the merchandise in the heads of the consumer ; from nutrient to adhere agent or gift.

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