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Poetry analysis: “America” by Tony Hoagland Sample

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Throughout life human existences normally find messages underneath the surface. which can non be seen by the bare oculus. In literature this is sometimes done through the usage of metaphors by utilizing specific words when associating two inanimate objects. A author might utilize metaphors in order to conceal these messages and non be wholly obvious. In the verse form “America” . by Tony Hoagland. specific enunciation is used in metaphors in order to expose corruptness in American society.

The verse form begins with a ” student” ( 1 ) typifying the artlessness of the individual being corrupted such as our young person.

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Poetry analysis: “America” by Tony Hoagland Sample
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By utilizing the word “student” the author may desire to show the feeling that this corruptness is due to the fact that one is still larning and one shall larn to non be corrupt. This pick of diction could besides be used in order the show the point that one is corrupted through influences like a “student” learns and is influence by his instructors.

Then the writer goes on to depict the “student” as one with “blue hair” ( 1 ) which could hold been used in the topographic point of ruddy in order to non show that this corruptness lead to anger but remain s to be unagitated. Then the description of a “tongue stud” represents more of a sexual corruptness. Although this contradicts the usage of the word “student” due to the artlessness environing the word it assists in the corruptness through influence because sex is greatly influenced by others including instructors.

The talker goes on to state you how the “student” feels as if he is being “buried alive” by being “captured and suffocated in the folds/ of the midst satin comforter of America” ( 9. 10 ) . This is claiming that corruptness in America is a “satin quilt” . It is like satin because it is soft on the exterior and so itchy and scratchy on the interior and does non forestall cold from coming in or in other words permits immoralities to come in. Then you have the word comforter used which normally represents love and attention and when one uses a comforter it is put on top of everything else so it is seen. So in this metaphor there is a contradiction of two sorts of corruptness one being a corruptness disguised and fallacious and the other being one clearly seen yet both are taking the same action. which is smothering the pupil through the corruptness.

It is through metaphoric corruptness that the writer once more points out an ultimate corruptness. The writer goes on to speak about the speaker’s male parent and corruptness:

” . . . I remember that when I stabbed my male parent in the dream last dark.

It was non blood but money

That gushed out of him. bright green hundred-dollar measures

Spilling from his lesions. and. . . .

He gasped. “thank god – those Ben Franklins were

Cloging up my heart–“” ( 12-17 )

Now the author uses the word stabbed because when one is stabbed the interior of the organic structure is exposed and truth can be seen. The writer did non utilize shooting because a slug normally stays in side the organic structure. non to the full exposing the interior or truth. The usage of the word male parent represents the pupil grown up after being influence through out his young person. On the other manus the male parent could stand for America itself. which has gone from being immature. studious. and influential to maturate and pervert. When saying that it is merely a dream the author is seeking to take a firm stand that the talker merely wishes what he remembers conceive ofing in his dream. This implies that it did non happen and that there is still corruptness in America. Then when said. “Not blood but money/ that gushed. . . bright green hundred- dollar bills” ( 12-13 ) it is take a firm standing that money is the cause of the infective corruptness.

This corruptness is “infectious and/or contagious by saying that it is bright green for normally bright viridity is connoting disease and infection. Then he relates money to blood by stating it gushed out which implies that it was fluxing through out the organic structure take a firm standing that it is due to the corruptness. Then the author goes on to utilize the words “clogged up my heart” ( 17 ) which could be connoting that this money which has caused this corruptness is so old and has been their for so long that it has stopped up his interiors so much so that there is nil else but. So when the male parent said “thank God. . . ” ( 16 ) it is proposing that some may wish to non be corrupted like this by money but still are like male parent to the point where they can decease b/c it stopped up their bosom. Besides the writer chose to utilize the bosom and non the encephalon because the bosom implies pureness and no non-truth.

The author Tony Hoagland uses specific enunciation in his metaphors in the verse form “America” to connote that there is corruptness in American society. The sentiment expresse ue to these metaphors is that there is a batch of corruptness in the united provinces. so much that sometimes that one corrupt action contradicts another. This has perchance been caused by America itself turning up to fast and being influence by excessively many ; every bit good as its people.

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