Preparation For ICES-OHIO by Professor A Rubberiest

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 I was a trim-sport athlete. I was not an average athlete by the way. I played football, soccer, and tennis. I won multiple most valuable player awards in different sports. We are talking about a division one high school in Oceanside, California that had maneuvers between 2000 and 2500 students, the competition was tough. I was a great high school student with a bright college future. The problem was that was not a resident or a United States citizen. My mother decided to bring me to the United States when I was six months old. At my arrival she initiated the process for me to get a legal status. There were a lot of problems with the paperwork process and my mother did not keep up with it. Eighteen years later the problem of not having a legal status of resident or citizen arrived in my life and became real.

I wanted to go to a big college. As a matter of fact I had big colleges that were very interested in me playing for their colligate sport teams. I was offered many scholarships, but not being a resident or a citizen as a problem that made me ineligible to receive their offers. I decided to fix the problem since I was considered an adult at 18 years old. Now that I recall, did implant the five steps in problem solving discussed during the lecture. The problem was clear. I needed to fix my legal status in this country.

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There are specific requirements set by law that need to be followed in order to fix this problem. The design was not difficult. I needed to find a lawyer, provide the financial requirements to pay for the process, submit paperwork and other information, and wait for the process to take care of itself. The solutions to the robber were implemented; follow the guidelines stated by immigration laws. The solution was successful. One and a half years later I became a resident of the United States. Four years later I had graduated from a great college with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. The lecturer describes his experiences and problems in the gaming industry. He fully identified and described how he came around problems when creating games.

There is a huge effort of technology and knowledge behind creating games. The lecturer then goes into specific requirements that he implemented to solve problems he encountered when creating a new game. He followed a detailed design of requirements to come up with solutions. He implanted solutions and tested them. Problems will always be a part of my professional life. I have no fear of problems arising. I see problems as opportunities to come up with solutions that will only improve my professional life. I will continue as have learned in the past, to put problems in a sequence of steps to be solved. See problems as raw data. My design and solution is to process that data into good information to come up with solutions to fix problems. As solve problems, my confidence will grow helping my professional life to flourish.

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