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Rodgers And Hammerstein Research Paper Rodgers

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Rodgers And Hammerstein Essay, Research Paper

Rodgers and Hammerstein are likely the most gifted composer lyrist couple of this century. They made more than 15 musicals in shows, films and Television.

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Rodgers And Hammerstein Research Paper Rodgers
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Ever since their first musical together, Oklahoma, to their last musical, The sound of music. Even though each have done solo works they were at their best when they were together.

Hammerstein ( 1895-1960 )

Oscar Hammerstein 2, The Grandson of Oscar Hammerstein an showman. Hammerstein was born in New York metropolis and subsequently studied jurisprudence at Columbia University.

Some of his station Rodgers works include, Rose Marie, The Desert Song, and Show Boat. Hammerstein meet Rodgers wing of a college made musical called, Home. He began doing musicals with Rodgers get downing with Oklahoma. This celebrated musical became one of their most acclaimed. Hammerstein? s most celebrated vocal wordss included, ? Indiana love Call, ? ? Ol? Man River, ? ? People will state were in love? and? some enchanted eventide. ?

Rodgers ( 1902-1972 )

Richard Rodgers, an American composer, was born in New York City, and attended the University of Columbia and the Institute of Musical Art.

Some of his station Hammerstein works include, Garrick Gaieties ( his number one ) , The Girl Friend, Babes in weaponries, and Pal Joey. Subsequently he joined with lyricist Oscar Hammerstein and made a long twine of hit musicals. After the decease of

Hammerstein he went on to compose and compose the wordss to, No Strings, and the music to, Do I hear A Waltz? .

In 1975 he published, Musical Stages, his autobiography.

Rodgers and Hammerstein? s Works

Although Rodgers and Hammerstein made many musicals together their most celebrated would likely be, Oklahoma, State carnival, Produced Annie acquire your gun, South Pacific, Cinderella ( there merely TV musical ) , and The Sound of Music.

Oklahoma, is non lone Rodgers and Hammerstein? s foremost work together but one of their best. It is based on the Play, Green grows the lilacs? and is considered the greatest musical comedy success Broadway has of all time seen. It received a particular Pulitzer Prize for Drama, 2 Academy Awards, Special tony Award 1993, BEST MUSICAL OF CENTURY New York Drama conference, 4 Olivier Awards, London Evening Standard Award: Best Musical 1998 and International Emmy Award, 1999.

South Pacific, was an highly popular musical that took topographic point during universe war two about two analogues love narratives that are affected by the war. South Pacific besides deals with the bias of the war. It received a Pulitzer award.

State carnival, is Rodgers and Hammerstein? s merely musical made for Television that was popular between critics and fans likewise. It is set against the background of American tradition. It won an Academy Award for it? s mark and was turned into a musical for phase.

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