Role of Women in the Godfather Analysis

The role of women has changed tremendously over the years. Currently, it is normal for women to have a successful Job and a family; however, it wasn’t always like that. For example, in The Godfather the role of women is a lot different than it is today. In The Godfather the role of women is limited to being the caretakers of the family. The women in this film were also seen as the least important part of a man’s life; this idea is conveyed through the treatment of both Okay and Connie throughout The Godfather.

The basic role of women in this film is being the caretaker to the family, meaning, that they kept the house functioning, took care of the kids, and made sure the men were well. One example of this in The Godfather was when Don Cicerone was in the hospital. In the hospital, Don Cicerone was taken care of by a female nurse because of this we can infer that one role of the women in this film is to take care of the men. Another example from the film that displays women as the caretakers was when the Cicerone family went to visit Don in the hospital. In this scene, the women carried the children in to see the Don and then carried them out.

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This scene shows owe the women were expected to take care of the children in the film and is ultimately another example of the women’s role as caretakers in The Godfather. The less obvious role of women in The Godfather was the idea that the men considered the women to be the least important thing in their lives. Throughout the movie this idea is seen through the treatment of Okay and Connie. One example of how the treatment of Okay conveys this role of women is when Michael moves away to Italy and does not contact Okay for over a year, but then he comes back to her and expects her to marry him.

This example shows how women were seen as least important in The Godfather because Michael neglected Okay for over a year. If Okay was important to Michael, he wouldn’t have been able to be disconnected from her for that long. Aside from Okay, Connie also was treated badly by the men. One example of this was when Connie was pregnant and her husband beat her up because she was freaking out after a women called their house asking for her husband. This example shows how women were not seen as important to the men because if Sconce’s husband really cared about her, he would have never been aggressive with her especially while she was pregnant.

As you can see the role of women today is much different than it is in The Godfather and most people would consider that to be a positive thing. That’s because in The Godfather the women’s role was to be the caretaker to the men and the children. Also, the women were not seen as important to the men. Therefore, when both of these ideas are combined the audience can conclude that in The Godfather the role of women was to take care of the men and children and not worry about themselves.

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