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Second Homecoming And The Liga Filipina Sample

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The first homecoming of Rizalwas being in August. 1887 and His 2nd homecoming to Manila was in June. 1892. This rhenium – entry continued the risky run of Rizal for reforms. Rizal back to Manila for for the belief that the battle for Filipino Liberties hadd assumed a new stage. Rizal said that “The battleground is in the Philippines” “There is where we should meet… There will assist one another. there together we will endure or prevail perhaps”. After two months, on December 31. 1891. He direct a missive to Blumentritt, stating that the battle is no longer in Madrid.

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Second Homecoming And The Liga Filipina Sample
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The battleground is in the PhilippinesArrival in Manila with sister Lucia ( widow of Herbosa ):

  • stayed at Hotel de Oriente facingBinondo Church ( June 26. 1892 );
  • at 4PM. went to Malacanan Palace to seek audience with Gov. Gen. Eulogio Despujol. Conde de Caspe;
  • agreed to excuse his male parent but non his full household;
  • visited sisters Sisa and Neneng
  • Visiting Friends in Central Luzon: June 27. in Malolos. San Fernando. Tarlac and Bacolor

Other Interviews with Despujol:

  • really much opposed to Borneo colonizationFounding of the Liga Filipina ( LF ).

  • Sunday. July 3. 1892: at the house of Chinese-Filipinomestizo Doroteo Ongjunco on Ylaya St. Tondo;
  • with nationalists who were largely Mason ( M ) : Pedro Serrano Laktaw. M & A;
  • school instructor. ( Panday Pira ) ; Domingo Franco. M & A ; tobaccoshopkeeper ( Felipe Leal );
  • Jose Ramos. M ( Socorro );
  • proprietor of Bazar Gran Bretana and firstWorshipful Master of Nilad. the first Filipino Masonic Lodge;
  • Ambrosio Salvador. M. gobernadorcillo/ capitan municipal of Quiapo;
  • Bonifacio Arevalo. M ( Harem );
  • Moises Salvador. M. ( Araw );
  • Luis Villareal. seamster & A ; M ; Faustino Villareal ( Ilaw ). druggist & A ; M;
  • MarianoCrisostomo. landlord;
  • Numeriano Adriano ( Ipil );
  • notary populace & A ; M;
  • Estanislao Legaspi. craftsman & A ; M ;
  • Teodoro Plata. tribunal clerk & A ; M ; Andres Bonifacio. warehouse employee;
  • ApolinarioMabini ( Katabay ) . attorney & A ; M;
  • and Juan Zulueta. dramatist;

Rizal explained the aims andconstitution of La Liga and was approved unanimouslyConstitution of the LF: Their aims are to hold

  1. integrity in the archipelago;
  2. mutualprotection in every privation and necessity;
  3. defence;
  4. encouragement of instruction. agribusiness & A ; commercialism; and
  5. survey and application of reforms;
  6. Motto: “Unus Instar Omnium” ( One Like All )

Supreme Council. Provincial Council & A ; Popular Council ( in every town ). Duties:

  • obeyorders;
  • recruit;
  • maintain strictest secretiveness;
  • have a symbolic name which you can non changetill you become president of your council;
  • study to the financial;
  • behave good; and
  • helpfellow members in all ways.

Rizal was Arrested and Jailed in Fort Santiago ( Wed. July 6. 1892 ):

  1. during an interviewwith Despujol. the latter s uddenly showed him some printed cusps allegedly found in Lucia’s pillow instances ( entitled Pobres Frailes. a sarcasm against Dominicans written by Fr. Jacinto );
  2. placedunder arrest and was escorted by Ramon Despujol;
  3. was kept incommunicado in Ft. Santiago andcould non speak to anyone except with the officer on responsibility

Arbitrary Exile to Dapitan ( July 7 ):

  • “for being unpatriotic to Spain. anti -Catholic andimprudently anti-friar”;
  • 12:30AM of July 15. 1892. was brought under heavy guard to the soft-shell clam Cebu under Captain Delgras;
  • arrived 7PM of July 17 in Dapitan;
  • handed over to Captain Ricardo Carnicero, Spanish commanding officer of Dapitan ( till July 31. 1896 or 4 old ages & A ; 13 yearss )

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