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The Arrival is a graphic novel that tells the story of a migrant’s journey through a blend of consecutive and storybook art. The illustrations use a monochromatic reddish brown color palette and a crinkled texture to resemble old memories and photographs. The mute nature of the narrative emphasizes the protagonist’s inability to communicate with those around him and the unwelcoming nature of the new state. The novel uses visual metaphors to represent the difficulties of finding one’s way in a hostile environment and the oppressive power of governments. The protagonist’s sense of belonging is portrayed through the symbol of an origami bird, which is later replaced by an animal he befriends. The character’s isolation and struggle to communicate are shown through his body language and angles. However, he eventually finds a family to which he can relate, and the images in the novel become golden and hopeful. The Arrival offers a unique perspective on the migrant experience and the difficulties of adapting to a new culture.

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Using a elusive blend of facets borrowed from consecutive and storybook art. The Arrival is a in writing novel which explores the journey of a migrator. The experiences are conveyed through illustrations that. through the monochromatic reddish brown colour pallet. crinkled texture and page layout. resemble old memories and exposure ; imparting the narrative the genuineness and inclusivity that are associated with household albums. The mute nature of the narrative emphasizes the protagonist’s inability to pass on with those around him. and the term ‘alienation’ is realized in the actual representations of the new state with its foreigner animals. Most of the environing peoples’ faces are in bleary and in shadow. proposing the unwelcoming and impersonalized experiencing the character experiences. War-torn states are depicted as under onslaught of giants bearing flamethrowers and mammoth tentacles ; or a metropolis that appears huge and labyrinthine. These ocular metaphors represents the battles of ‘finding one’s way’ through the hostile environment and the oppressive power of governments.

The persona’s family’s symbol of their topographic point fatherland is an origami bird. This becomes a leitmotiv as it appears in their kitchen and. later in the text. their letters to one another. However. as the character and begins to happen his sense of belonging in the new state. the bird is replaced with the animal befriended by the character: which has. in itself. go a word picture of the protagonist’s turning credence of. and by. the new society. The persona’s defeat and hurt as he arrives in the new state are portrayed through organic structure linguistic communication. size and angles. He is ab initio unrecognisable in a full-page high-angle image of the bantam migrators. with the tremendous metropolis in the background.

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Upon finishing trials and being literally labeled by the testers. twelve frames are devoted to his bootless efforts of communicating. punctuated by the scrape of his caput. the burial of his face in his custodies. the shrugging of his shoulders. and. finally. the resigned wringing of his chapeau and looking off. He is the lone figure on the full page. underscoring his complete isolation. As the respondent. we feel as though we are responsible for this deficiency of understanding. as it appears the adult male is speaking out of the book at us. as though in the 2nd individual. This is juxtaposed by the persona’s organic structure linguistic communication and angles subsequently in the text. as he finds a household to which he can associate. He finds himself sharing a frame with another adult male. in an uninterrupted sequence of eye-level shootings. The adult male presses his custodies to his thorax in an understanding gesture. puts his arm around the supporter. and invites him place. It is in this family’s kitchen that the images are one time once more. following a long epoch of black Grey. illustrated in a aureate reddish brown tone typifying the persona’s renewed hope. and this is the first clip he is depicted smiling.

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