Stardust Film Analysis

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It imposed several significant alternations to the original plot of the book, especially in the realm of the new characters introduction, and the insignificant ones that do not influence the storyline. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, and casting copious starts, the film became a real hit back in 2007. Among the most famous actors to act in the film were Robert De Noir, Charlie Cox, Michelle Prefer, Sienna Miller, David Kelly, and others. The Stardust fantasy novel was scrutinized as a work inclined to have a successful film adaptation spawned between Caiman, and director Matthew

Vaughn, who have eventually accepted the proposal of developing the book’s plot into a film. However, the film adaptation seems to possess plenty minor changes to the original plot of the book, and only several serious alternations that have intervened within the film. To begin with, the novel’s original lead character is called Tristan Thorn, and not simply Tristan, as it is in the film. Furthermore, some characters have been omitted, and, accordingly, several scenes were cut, or altered to some extend.

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However, the main change that the film adaptation has brought to he book is that the film contains two characters, which are not included in the book. These are Captain Shakespeare performed by Robert De Noir, and Ferry the Fence, who is portrayed by Rick Gravers. Furthermore, the Michelle Ferrier’s character Lamiae possesses a different name than her original character has in the book. Tristan Thorn the main hero of the book has a sister, and a mother in the literature version, while in the film adaptation, there is only his father to be seen.

The character of Captain Shakespeare turned out to be the most peculiar en, as this the character out of the book, and thus he brings a lot of new events that happen on his ship into the film, while there is not even a hint about their existence within the book. For example, there is a particular part in the book, in which Waive and Tristan end up stranded, and finally gets rescued by the lightning catchers ship. It should be pointed out that originally this is not a very long section of the book, which holds a few pages only.

Nevertheless, the Hollywood interpreters have greatly expanded on its timeline, as they found it to be one of the most breath-taking moments of the kook that a prospect spectator of the film would admire to see. Moving further on the list of changes called by the introduction of new characters into the film adaptation of the book, the next special alternation to be enlisted is a complete substitution of the mixed-gender crew, and the fairly laid-back captain with Captain Shakespeare and his pirate-type crew, which is mainly composed of males.

Ferry the Fence, the character, which was made up for the film adaptation of the book represents a run-of-the-mill market trader, who occasionally tampers at the Fairy market. He is a really tough negotiator. Nevertheless, in the deal he has with Captain Shakespeare, when they argue on the lightning bolt price, the second takes the laurel of the winner. Moreover, Ferry the Fence is also a good friend of Dishwater Sal, and indulges hopes to acquire the fallen star Waive, who still remains undiscovered to Ferry.

It is quite an interesting feature that one of the made up characters – Ferry, gets killed by one Of the original character who has a changed name in the film adaptation. It is Lamiae, who finds him in his own office, and asks him the whereabouts of Waive and about the chances of locating the Babylon candle, but he fervently annoys her, and eventually gets killed. The insignificant change that was presented in the film, but not in the original novel was the ending.

First of all, there is no epic battle between the witches and Tristan in the book, and the reason why the witch cannot have Waive;s heart is simply because it belongs to Tristan. In Neil Caiman’s story, the witch is not murdered, and Tristan becomes the King of Stronghold, after his death Waive eternally rules in his stead. In the movie, Tristan also comes the King, but after eighty’ years of ruling, Tristan and Waive use the Babylon candle and ascend to the sky to become stars and be forever reunited.

It is generally believed that the movie ending is happier than the one in the book, even though this change does not major influence the plot or the storyline. As a conclusion, the main change brought about by the film adaptation of the Stardust book is the introduction of the two new characters into the plot, which was not originally included in it. Nevertheless, such a change can be easily justified due to the whole chain of reason.

Fist of all, Berry the Fence, is the character that ultimately simplifies the plot, as he becomes the one, who reveals many secrets, thus making the film, not over-saturated with events, and thus, not incomprehensible for the spectator. Secondly, namely Captain Shakespeare is the one, who makes it clear, and explicit to Tristan that Waive is his real love, and shows that it is very foolish of him to hide his personal feelings. Furthermore, he is the one, who teaches Tristan to fight, what eventually becomes important in the course of the film’s plot development.

Finally, he warns Waive that she should control her emotions, in order to make sure she does not waste herself. Thus, the new characters that feature only in the film adaptation of the book are the main change, which became the main facilitator of the very process of adaptation. The minor change brought about by the film adaptation of Stardust is the slight change of the ending that does not major influence the plot or the storyline. Extra Credit Points The most memorable thing from the course was the facilitation assignment because it gave me the opportunity to facilitate the class for few minutes.

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