Synchronized Skating Speech Essay

Everyone has a hobby. However everyone’s is unique. My hobby has to deal with strength, balance, and memorization. My hobby is synchronized skating. Synchronized skating is where 20 girls skate in unison. It is an all around good sport. The sports main season is winter however you are always skating, you have to single skate year round.

The team skates in the spring because there are tryouts, in the summer you learn the main structure of the program and you go to boot camp (you skate for 5 days 5 hours a day all other hours you eat, work out, sleep, and you are given an hour or 2 to bond with your new teammates), in the fall you learn the foot work, and in the winter your competing. Synchronized skating is a hard sport to participate in.

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Synchronized Skating Speech
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To participate in synchronized skating you need to be fit all the time, have a LOT of free time, be able to understand orders, have consistency, and be a great people person. I think the most important trait that you need to be is an all around people person because every year you have to become sisters with 23 other girls. You always don’t have the same people on your team so you also have to make new friends. If you don’t get along with even one girl then you structure on the ice falls apart.

I have skated for 13 years and synchronized skated for and synchronized skated for 8 years. For each compaction you need about 4 hours to prepare. First, we do our work out routine to our favorite music. Second, we walk through our program a couple of times. Third, we get dressed in our costumes. Fourth, we do our hair. Fifth, we do our makeup. Sixth, we put on our skates. Seventh, we have about 5 min. of silence. Last, it show time.

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