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Interpersonal skills – Saying no Essay

In this assignment I plan to evaluate an action plan that I have set for myself. My action plan is that, over a two-week period, when my family asks me to something that I either do not want to do or is inconvenient for me, I am going to try to say 'no'.

How it felt

I have chosen to work on, and try to...

“No memory. No knowledge. No Life….” Essay

Awoken by some Deafening screech rattled by the enthusiasm of death, Yes that's it, death stains these walls. I awake to see a hand. Is it mine?

I am lost and confused in a maze of demolished memories, and there is no exit in sight.

These appear to be shackles around my wrists; however there are...

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Abundant Absurdity Essay

"I'm a slave". This is a quote from Cristiano Ronaldo made in July 2008. I say quote, I could replace that word with the word joke. Of course this can lead us to believe two things: either Ronaldo actually believes he is a slave or he doesn't realise the meaning of the word slave. Let's go with the first...

The Strange Day Essay

Today started like any other day in Omaha, Nebraska, except for the temperature. Usually, the average temperature for Omaha in November is 55 degrees, but today it was 90 degrees! That's 35 degrees higher then normal! It is extremely HOT!

Therefore, I got out of bed with sweat dripping off my face and...

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Creative Response Essay

"Whose woods these are I think I know,

His house1 is in the village though,

He will not see me stopping here

To watch his woods fill up with snow."

And then I saw it. As the Great Apawi2 dropped away from the earth and its last rays of light faded away, blanketing the land in gentle darkness so...

Joanna Millan (Shorter Writing Task) Essay

Little Bella Rosenthal hadn't had the chance to celebrate her first birthday when she and her mother were taken from their home in Berlin and sent to a Nazi concentration camp in Czechoslovakia. Leader reporter Sue Smart caught up with Bella when she visited a North Wales school to educate young people about...

The Final Voyage Essay

Hi, my name is Evan Araia. I'm 29 years old and live in Dover. Have you ever heard that name? I can guess that you have probably heard my name in news broadcasts or may be newspapers. I was the only and sole survivor of the Cruise line; Aurora the inspiration which was attacked by pirates in the Red Sea....

Rubik’s cube Essay

"Woo... everything is dark, I can't see anything, but I can sense something... " Our English class lecturer told us to bring one unknown object to school and get a partner for this interactive activity. One of us is required to be blindfolded and guess what did our partner brought. When I am blindfolded, I...

Touching the void Essay

1.) Joe's account starts with the action verb 'hit' which underlines the falling action, literally, at the very beginning. Hence, we already sympathize with the character as we predict pain after the fall. The verb 'shattering' is audio visual imagery that helps to build a clear sensual image of the physical...

The Last Chance Essay

As the car arrived, I couldn't help thinking about the past, thinking of the good times and the bad times. I couldn't help but wish there was less bad times, wishing that I wasn't such a typical teenager, and appreciated what she did for me. She was the best mum anyone could have wished for, I loved her not...

A Boy and His Secret Place Essay

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Saldar Khan. He was a strange little boy and had fascinations for odd things. One hot sunny day he was sitting in the garden lazing around, he looked around in the garden and thought to him self that his life is so boring, whilst thinking this a beautiful golden...

The car crash Essay

It was the morning of Thursday 23rd November and I woke up at the crack of dawn.

I was ten years old and feeling very excited as today was going to be a very good day or was it.

Today my favourite uncle was going to be taking me out for the day and when my uncle takes me out he really takes me out...

What’s it all about? Essay

Life's hard at the moment. I always thought old age would be a doddle but I was mistaken. My youngest daughter, Amy, died last month and my other daughter is living in a squat in surrey. My wife passed away last year and many say that I murdered her.

Our marriage was going through rough times and in a...

Run Felicia, run! – creative writing Essay

I blinked at the darkness. The uncomfortable, stuble darkness surrounded me. Marking my every movement. I could almost feel the texture of the shadows looming over me. I had nearly given into the dark embrace, luring me ever so tauntingly, when I felt the dangerous pour of power stretching towards me. The...

Quotes/Notes for Seedtime Essay

* 'the harvest in his blood, whispering her to come to him, they'd done it in the Old Testament times, whispering You're my flesh and blood, I can do with you what I will, come to me Chris, do you hear?' - this is another negative sexual experience when her father is asking her to sleep with him!


The Challenge Essay

In life, I am absolutely positive that we all face challenges at a certain point. In fact, life itself has always been a challenge to many, and I will not deny that fact. However, it is the various challenges and how you overcome them that make each challenge a special part in your life. I have been through...

Leaves falling from the trees, winds hustling like a cat in despair Essay

Leaves falling from the trees, winds hustling like a cat in despair. Lights on a nearby alley flickering with the cool breeze. In the darkness of the night, two strangers walked on by. Arms wrapped around each other, feeling secure to be together as if the world was theirs. Laughing and giggling, they stared...

Leave saving the world to the men, I don’t think so! Essay

Time after time Hollywood's blockbuster hero movies make men the centre of attention. We marvel at their handsome looks, their impeccable strength and their ingenious fighting skills. But have you ever stopped to consider the role of women in these classic "save the world" stories? Have women been left out?...

When I was 15 I hated my life Essay

When I was 15 I hated my life. I sat at my desk all day everyday staring at that computer, rummaging through those papers and trying to get to the bottom of that never ending coursework I hated every second of it. At times I really did want to hurt myself. But then I found bmxing it saved me from the...

Pay the price Essay

A thick layer of drizzle tinted across the streets, and a glimmer of carroty street lamps, gave a shimmering shield across the roads. The light rustle of leafs concealed with a night lamp was the only movement in sight.

Because it was dark, the whole street lay motionless like a picture, at the end of the...

The Ghost Sonata Essay

The ground floor and first floor of a fashionable house. only a corner of it visible. The ground floor ends in a circular drawing-room, the first floor in a balcony with a flagstaff. As the blinds are raised in the drawing-room they reveal through the open windows a white marble statue of a wound woman,...

Creative writing – The Warehouse Essay

It was silent as if a murder hung in the air. The only noise was the creaking of the burnt metal of the caravan, wafting in the breeze. I froze; the image of what had happened the night before freaked me out. It had been burgled in the night then torched. Who knows if any one was in there asleep, dreaming...

Looking for the authentic Venice in August isn’t the best time Essay

Everyone must have heard the famous saying about Venice: "it's a place where you will find the perfect combination of culture and romance. " But is it possible in August? Venice is the home to many important artists, architects, poets and musicians. Not forgetting the fact it is the habitat to some of the...

Expecting the Unexpected Essay

This is true. I had just arrived home. I went upstairs to the fourth floor of my apartment door. I rang the bell. No one answered. I then remembered an extra key I secretly kept under the doormat: I took the first step inside. Something odd. An emptiness. It was then when I realised that my mom was the life...

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