Global Warming Topics

Critically access the scientific evidence for global warming Essay

Global warming as it states in its title is a global phenomenon which has global implications. Present day situations are not at any levels to cause major change in the global scale of things but localised problems are becoming apparent and causing a global investigation into the causes and possible future...

Global Warming Newspaper Essay

There's no question that the Earth is getting hotter-and fast, but the real questions are: How much of the warming is our fault, and are we willing to slow the meltdown by cutting down on our massive usage of fossil fuels?

Nobody can tell if global warming is entirely our fault, but they can prove that we...

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Global Warming
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Met in Kyoto, Japan to discuss a treaty for global warming Essay

From the beginning of time, a mother's instinct is to protect and raise their her child to live life to its fullest. Mother Earth has granted herself as a vessel for us to grow and prosper. But a mother ages and when her children neglect her, she starts to die. Her protection begins to show weakness, as her...

Is Global warming Natural or Man-made? Essay

For my GCSE case study I have chosen to study a scientific question in detail. The question is 'global warming natural or Man made?". The reason for me choosing this question is because this has been an increasing concern and a threat to human life on earth.

For my case study I will research both sides of...

Deforestation: Carbon Dioxide and New Land Area Essay

Imagine that life without green tree, imagine people are snatching oxygen and started to do anything they can get the oxygen. When people started to sweat, to breath hardly, to think hard what had they do for their past to the nature. It happen when deforestation occurred! By definition, deforestation means...

Global Warming, Man Made, or the Earths Natural Cycle Essay

Breaking news: On April 21st, 2010, Eyjafjailajokull volcano in Iceland erupted, and has continued to be active for the last four days. (ABC News) Since the first of the year 2010, there have been approximately twenty volcano eruptions or volcanic activity all over the world. (Rajai’s) Pretty alarming when...

Global Warming – Problem for Mexico Essay

Global Warming – Problem for Mexico

With more and more pollution from Mexico, the country is having a problem with global warming. The problems form this pollution mean that the air and the dirt are drying out, and the temperature of the air is getting hotter. More problems with the weather will be a...

How Are Natural Disasters Socially Constructed? Essay

While natural disasters such as floods, drought and hurricanes are commonly thought to occur due to environmental forces such as weather, climate and tectonic movements; a deeper investigation into the ‘disaster’ displays other contributing forces. Human factors have a large, if not equal, contribution to...

Global Warming – Persuasion Essay

Global warming is an epidemic in today’s world referring to the escalation of the average annual temperature. It brings with it a widespread ongoing debate about whether or not the Earth’s temperature is growing due to the emission of gasses from burning fossil fuels. There have been numerous debates,...

Special Report on Global Warming entitled Feeling the Heat Essay


Date and Time spend on the Media: March 28, 2007, 27 minutes and 45 seconds.


It was about: The special report was a compilation of different articles on issues about the causes of global warming and its damaging effects on the weather, environment, wildlife, land topography and, most...

Spark the Change Essay

I cannot anymore recall the number of times that my parents and grandparents have told me how today’s generation is very different from their time. They kept on saying that we’re lucky because we have computers nowadays, and that they only had typewriters. We have cars now but back then they had to walk. We...

Global Warming and Its Effect on Our Planet Essay

Nowadays, Global warming is an incontrovertible fact, which proves that our planet and its climate are in trouble. Well global warming is a term that denotes a slow warming of the earth’s regular temperature. It was also named exclusively man-made effects, in particular carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide has...

Man Made Global Warming Vs Natural Climate Change Essay


THESIS:         Climate change have been a natural phenomenon which has been occurring for over millions of years involving periods of high temperature as well as cold periods  and  hence global warming is also a part of natural climate change with humans contributing  very little towards it.

Free Public Transport for Everybody. You Are for or Against This Matter, and Why? Essay

Our country,Malaysia is a well develop country. That goes for public transport too. It also well develop. There always have some issue that should we having a free public transport. This issue already exist for some time. Resident of Malaysia always question about this issue. Some of them hoping that can get...

Life in the Lap of Luxury as Ecosystems Collapse Essay

Life in the Lap of Luxury as Ecosystems Collapse


More and more people are beginning to take notice of the problems that are plaguing the environment at the present.  There is more media attention that is being given on the ecological issues and at the same time even governments all over the...

Global Warming: Why it Needs the Kyoto Protocol Essay

Global Warming: Why it Needs the Kyoto Protocol

Thesis Statement:   A unified international effort through the Kyoto Protocol is necessary to mitigate global warming

I. Introductory Paragraph

Global warming is a problem faced not only by a few countries today but the whole world.
Thesis Statement...

Air Quality Essay

The air quality is deteriorated by humans heavily using fossil fuels to power up automobiles, generate electricity, and used for many other purposes. Unfortunately, fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources, and the burning of the fossil fuels releases the pollutants into the air, and forms a mixture of fumes...

An Inconvenient Truth Summary Essay

According to the movie I have watch in sm cinema last march 5,2011. I have notice that Carbon dioxide and other gases warm the surface of the planet naturally by trapping solar heat in the atmosphere. This is a good thing because it keeps our planet habitable. However, by burning fossil fuels such as coal,...

Why Is It Important to Protect Our Forests & the Animals That Live There? Essay

Forests are essential for life on Earth. They give us shade and shelter, refuge and refreshment, clean air and water. Today, with a growing global population and subsequent demand for forest products, the forests of the world are at risk from widespread deforestation and degradation. Ancient forests are in...

Do Developed Countries Have a Higher Obligation to Combat Climate Change? Essay

Do developed countries have a higher obligation to combat climate change? •This debate has been stimulated in large part by the Kyoto Protocol, which exempted developing nations such as China and India, from the same emissions-reductions obligations as developed countries. The principle underlying Kyoto is...

Effect of Global Warming on Businesses Essay

Effect of global warming on industries such as tourism, insurance, and automotive will be taken up for study and analysis in this paper. Global warming is one of the most burning issues that warrant public and private sectors’ attention. This paper will argue that global warming has negatively affected the...

Cause and Effects of Global Warming Essay

Earth is the only planet we can live in and it’s the only planet we have so we have to take care of it. Knowing this we are still hurting it, whether it is through degrading the soil or through CFC's. Global Warming is real and its hurting our environment and it's entirely our fault. It's true that Global...

Strategies for Selling Pressure Cooker in Rural Market Essay

In keeping with the worldwide efforts to reduce global warming, Hawkins should go rural in promoting the same. Encourage the usage Pressure Cookers instead of open mouthed utensils by launching contests in rural areas wherin the women are encouraged to cook their best dishes in Hawkins Pressure Cookers....

The myth of global warming Essay

In the recent past, global warming is a concept that has gained notable popularity. However, the concept has been in existence since time immemorial. In deed, global temperatures have been rising over time since the ice age. Global warming is a natural process that enables man to evolve and...

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