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The Country I Would Like To Visit: Great Britain

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  • Pages 2
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    I have heard and read a batch about the beautiful states in the universe. However the state I would wish to see is Great Britain. My pick is based on the undermentioned grounds. First I have been interested in this state since school old ages as English was one of the topics studied at school.

    The images of the old edifices in text-books have inspired me and sing this state has become slightly a dream for me. Most of all I’d like to see London and its sights. Among them there are: Westminster Abbey the Houses of Parliament. Buck ingham Palace. St Paul’s Cathedral. LondonBridge. the Tower of London. London is situated on the river Thames.

    I would wish to see all the celebrated museums in London every bit good. particularly British Museum. I could see many historical heritages garnering from all over the universe at that place.Furthermore. London has a good public transit system. belowground and double-deck coach. I could travel any topographic points via the convenient resistance and make sightseeing by coach.

    Another ground for my penchant is that I would wish to hold deeper cognition about the history and the civilization of England and the English people because I truly like this state. Besides I would surely see the old Universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

    In decision. it might be said that though there are non epicurean beaches in London. anyway I would take to see it and it would be the achievement of my dream. Therefore. going in this large state would be truly really interesting. I should therefore welcome any chance to see this state.

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