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When both involved do non to the full commit to the felicity of each other. a mismatched matrimony may take to discontent for all. Sinclair Ross’s short narrative. “The Painted Door” . trades with the turning dissatisfaction of a farmer’s married woman. Ann. who feels entirely as her hubby struggles with the rough conditions of the environment. Ann seeks comfort and company from Steven. the attractive friend of her hubby. John. The duty for John’s decease. a flooring consequence of Ann’s unfaithfulness. lays both on Ann and John.

Though Ann plays no direct portion in her husband’s decease. her unpatriotic actions lead to the calamity. Merely Ann may be held responsible for her falseness in the matrimony. Not suited for the life of a farm married woman. Ann grows awfully lonely when left entirely in their stray house. Though she knows that “‘all farmer’s married womans have to remain alone’” ( 369 ) . she feels disregard in that John “never talks” ( 370 ) . Out of regard for her husband’s difficult work. Ann remains soundless about her turning demand for a comrade instead than supplier. In her restlessness. Ann seeks the fulfilment of these demands from Steven. alternatively of through direct communicating with John. In taking progresss to show herself in an attractive mode to Steven. Ann enters in to planned unfaithfulness. These actions leave her entirely responsible for the broken matrimony.

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Though duty for Ann’s matter can non be placed on John. his misplaced attempts of fondness lead to her feelings of discontent. As the difficult working husbandman that he is. John shows his love and committedness to Ann through his diligent attention and proviso for her. John hopes to give Ann a “new house and reasonably clothes” ( 370 ) through his difficult work ; nevertheless. he neglects to see her yearning for the clip they might pass together now. instead than subsequently. Though John takes involvement and concern in his wife’s solitariness and demand for company. he continues to show his love by difficult work “done for her sake” ( 371 ) . instead than demoing her the type of fondness she longs for. John sees merely one manner to construct his relationship with Ann. and does non prevail to happen another. While John is non right to demo such contentment in his wife’s emotional province. without direct confrontation from her. even resposibility for his misjudgements is due to Ann.

No affair how much compunction Ann feels for her unfaithfulness. the mistake of the broken matrimony will ever be her ain. However. Ann’s unfaithfulness did non kill John. John’s ain deficiency of control. after detecting his wife’s evildoing. is the lone true ground for his decease. Though Ann’s actions lead him to this province of daze. it is his ain actions that conveying his life to a sudden terminal.

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