The Roles of State and Federal Governments

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When you think of the Government depending on who are it can either be good or bad. So many different parts of the government you have so many sides to be on. When talking about the government you have to have open eyes and open mindset.If you are trying to prove a point you have to be strong and give a lot of detail no matter what it is. So the people can see your point of view. Each Federalist Paper gave reasons why they believed in something trying to prove a point. However it is the 21st century how can these connect now . The United States Government , much like the perpetually rebooting the movie” step up”-establishment has traveled during that certain time settled highlights the wave generally expected as notable and unchangeable. The federalist essay is a treatise on free government in unity and safety . It is the remarkable american commitment to the writing on protected voted based system and federalism , and and exemplary of western political Idea.The federalist papers were composed in help of the endorsement of the constitution. While current perusers may consider it to be inescapable, the constitution was a progressive advance.

Madison starts maybe the most renowned of the federalist essays by expressing that one of the most grounded contentions for the constitution is the way that it builds up an admistrations fit for controlling the brutality and harm caused by groups. I feel as though Federalist paper 10 would work in the 21st century because we deal with so many different types of people that live in country that exactly how paper 10 says if a person is wealthy and owns different property they will not want to talk to any but people like them. In america what your social status is matters. It just how it was back then , now it is even more out of control because we have more ways to show what social group we belong to. Madison express in Federalist paper 51 that he feels that each government should be mostly independent. He feels like no branch should overexcited there power when they are selecting their members. If the we followed this we as people would be able to pick the president , the legislators , and the judges. The judicial branch would have major problems because most citizens don’t know what it takes to be a judge. Judges have the ability to control people lives so when picking you have to choose wisely and not just because of the name or what they come from.

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Members of each branch can not be worried about what the other branches make each payment will be different depending where you sever.When running everyone has a different purpose everyone is trying to get to a goal. We all now that power is a strong thing and when it gets in the hands of men they can abuse it. Our form of government shows it and I would have to say I agree with it.When we are giving power we not only use it for what we need but we also use it to control stuff that we think should be a certain way. In this case the legislative branch seems to be the most powerful. This is why we have two houses the house Representative and the Senate, They use different systems when it comes to electing in each branch. When it comes to the people we want justice , justice keeps a civil society . If we where to take powerful man and put them together against the weak it would not in well. We would have no “liberty” and then we would break into what you call an anarchy (a state of disorder due to absence or non recognition of authority.) When you have a self – government that thrives in a large country with so many different forms of groups.

Madison wanted to start the statement of his theory in Federalist 51 by showing the acknowledgement that the people that have with be against the people that do. Madison states “but to guard one part of the society against the injustice of others. I feel like he saying that each type of citizens has a different way of living. Also a different way of thinking and interest. If you think about it the Federalist papers are so important and different they really have a huge impact on the constitution. A Lot of what Madison was thinking and he expressed that all on federalist paper 51. So much work was put into the constitution. I feel as though Federalist paper 51 would definitely work in the 21 century today because no man should have to much power The President should have enough power to control what he needs to control. If the President now was granted more power than what he has now he would probably use it for more of his own use and what he think is right that to better our courtny If he is granted to much power he would probably do things that does not need to be done at that time. Our government is very in place with each house but in today society media controls our government. So higher class people have more of an outlet to express themselves and get what they want done.

While the lower class population does not really have a say . So when the lower class population voice is heard is when voting comes around. Proceeding on too Article 70 , Hamilton feels as though having a president that is strong and happy about what he does is very important to a good government. Most things depend on the Presidency. When voting on a President most time people pick a person because of who that person is . What is there financial status, what are they promising to there people. Each person has a something on there mind about where they live that they want to change maybe it how much you get paid , or the law of adoption , or free medical care , and even education. These things are big in the 21 century and most of the reasons why we pick the people pick for presidency. Each class has something they want.People that come from different countries are trying to enjoy the american dream. Most men think that the president should be strong . Each branch should have unity and work together to make the right plan for the future. You have one chief executive , this because you do not want to grant two people the same power. Personal wants and needs will never be out of a person’s mind when the receive power.

Hamilton think that a “council” should be large. They would make a great expense for the nation to understand. In the 20th century I agree that this Federalist Paper would work because Hamilton is right having energy and being more involved with what you do every different law you make , statements you make to the people. They will feed off what energy you give if you are lacking energy then people may think that you are just saying it because it’s your job and you don’t even really believe what you are saying. Hamilton also so speaks on how the government will up hold to the people’s happiness in tell the end. I think that this part of the Federalist paper is not in the 21st century. I feel as though our government does not care about the protection of the people . If they did we would not have so many homeless people in rich cities.They say the only provide for the people that actually want help but how do you know who wants help if you do not go out and ask and try to understand that are in a position where they cannot help themselves. In coulsion I’ve learned that the Federalist Paper that i chose to talk about have so many different things that do and does not connect with the 21st century.

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