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“Tiger the Koala” Analysis

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  • Pages 3
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    Tiger the koala is a very friendly and brave koala who loves to adventure. Tiger is a 3 year old dominate male koala who lives in his favorite eucalyptus tree named Tiger’s tree. One night when Tiger was awaking from his sleep he noticed that it was raining hard and he had never seen it rain this much. Unforchinitly Tiger lived at the bottom of a steep hill where it was very likely for a mudslide to happen. Inch by inch the rain poured and poured until suddenly the ground started to race down the hill at the speed of a cheetah taking everything in its path including Tigers tree, Tiger clung on to the branches for dear life. He then noticed that all of the mud was bringing him very far away from his home than Tiger noticed he was lost. The next morning he awoke and he was in the backyard of a ~9 year old girl.

    Tiger was very confused and had never seen a structure bigger than his very own tree. Tiger was not the finest walker but he walked around the house examining it. He noticed that it was a very odd shaped tree and it didn’t have any branches. Suddenly a huge looking two legged creature came running at him. He was very confused and began to run, Tiger was not the foundest of runners so this alien creature picked him up and held him like a baby. Tiger did not know but in a couple of weeks this creature would be his best friend. The girl then brought Tiger into the house within the tree and showed the other aliens her find. Tiger was still not so sure about what the people were going to do to him soon he caught up on the girls name and it was Margret. The two of them had some pretty fun times at the park or doing her homework. He began to trust the girl more and more when they started to feed him.

    One day the girl had to leave him to go to school the Koala was curious of where she went but when she got back she was unusually excited to see him and she grabbed something out of her backpack and it looked like a circle the size of his head. The girl then opened it up and put it around his neck. He did not like this but soon got used to it he then read it and it said “My Beloved Tiger” And showed a big heart. He had been emberest of this and thought if she had thought if she thinks that he was a boy? The next morning Margret had woken tiger up very early because it was show and tell day. The girl had put him in a case with lots of small holes and off to school they went. They got out of the car and everyone at frederick elementary school gave him an odd look. The loud clamoring filled the classroom filled the room and he count heer, a bigger person came in and hushed them all SHHHH! And said how about margret you share first she brought him out of the bag and in front of the whole class she announced the story of her beloved pet Tiger.

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