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Views On Slavery Research Paper There Essay

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Positions On Slavery Essay, Research Paper

There are many perceptual experiences as to how people view bondage. When people talk about bondage, the first thing that comes to their head will be African American Slaves in the United States. They will besides believe of how they were brought to the United States against their ain will and unevenly exploited. However, harmonizing to Stephen F. Austin, during the eighteen-twenty? s and 30? s Mexicans besides had slaves. He compares American Slaves and Cruz Arocha as a Mexican Slave.

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Views On Slavery Research Paper There
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Although there are many differences between Cruz Arocha and the American slaves, particularly in the ways they are treated.

First of all Americans brought their slaves to the United States chained up and against their ain will. They would suit over one hundred of them in little suites in ships for a trip across the Atlantic Ocean, with out giving them an equal supply of nutrient and H2O to populate off of. Harmonizing to the book, Out of Many 2nd edition, they were stowed so close that they were non allowed one pes and a half in each comprehensiveness.

Although most of the slaves died on the trip and were thrown over board, those that did last were the best equipped for the rough conditions expecting them. The trip itself got rid of all the slaves that would non last long in rough conditions. Those that survived were what the Americans needed. Upon reaching in the United States the slaves would se either sold or traded for goods, land or other slaves. They were ever chained up when they were non working and when they were, there was ever person observation over them with a gun and a whip. Slaves who did non obey their Masterss were whipped. Harmonizing to the book even the most unshockable plantation proprietors of the 18th century thought nil about whippings of 50 or 70 cuts. Mexicans viewed bondage as holding people mistreated and ne’er treated as peers. Not demoing any type of moral value towards a existent individual.

Mexicans on the other manus had what Stephen F. Austin called slaves assisting them out in anything needed. Even though these alleged slaves were non chained up and whipped like American slaves, they were st

ailment slaves to Austin. This was because they were non paid for the occupation that they did and had no say so in household determinations. These alleged slaves were given, in return for their services good nutrient and shelter. They could travel largely anyplace they wanted without person ever looking at what they were making and endangering to flog or kill them. These alleged slaves were non brought to make what they did against their ain will ; it came to be because of some household job. In most instances their households died out so they had no where else to travel. So they went to another household who would assist them out, and in return they would assist that household with anything needed to be done around the topographic point where they lived. So, when Stephen F. Austin saw how Cruz Arocha did everything around the hacienda for Juan Seguien he thought Arocha was a slave. So, Austin? s and the American position of bondage and slaves were that anybody who was non paid for work and had no say so in household affairs was slave.

Stephen F. Austin is incorrect in comparing Cruz Arocha to the American slaves. The lone similarity the American slaves and Arocha is that they work for person and they do non acquire paid for it. Arocha is ne’er chained up and held against his ain will wish the American slaves. He is ne’er treated like belongings and sold or traded to other people for goods like the American slaves were. He is non at that place because he is being forced to remain at that place but because it is necessity that keeps him at that place. Arocha does non detest Juan Seguien and his households like the American slaves hate the people that own them. Americans do non maintain their morality and see slaves as animate beings and non as worlds. They vied them every bit means as acquiring power, land and money. Mexicans ne’er lost their morality and ever treated their alleged slaves like people who really had feelings.

Slavery is a really controversial issue and there will ever be more than one position to it. Therefore there will ever be struggle in this issue. Americans treated their slaves in an immoral manner, and Mexicans ever kept their morality. That would turn out to be one of the major grounds why American slaves were treated so severely.

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