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Water Desalination

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The plant has the capacity to supply up to half of Adelaide annual water use from desalination. Reducing reliance on the River Murray and providing additional environmental benefits. Project Director: Milling Kumar The Adelaide Desalination Project (ADAPT) team accomplished to deliver the project’s scope within the original budget of $1. 842 billion and 19 days ahead of the originally approved schedule.

The project’s clear objectives added a definite equines value to the organization AS Water. Furthermore, the project has been conducted with effectively applying all 9 MAMBO knowledge areas.

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Water Desalination
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This effort resulted in the delivery of Tap’s exceptional project outcomes. Under the guidance and mentoring of Milling Kumar the team achieved success well under the time frame for the project. Milling Kumar made sure AS Water has been able to achieve an optimum management of project risks by adopting the (Design Build Operate Maintain (DOBB) delivery model.

This contracting methodology was cost effective, with AS Water only paying the fixed lump sum sots of the plant and AS Water retains ownership of the critical water security asset.

The DOBB contract model also has early involvement and input from the Operator during the design, procurement and construction phases which has provided vital input to further improve the durability and operability of the plant. Under the DOBB contract model AS Water retains ownership of the asset.

Throughout the course of the project, Milling’s major concern in planning and executing phases was safety. This has been achieved through a continuous focus on safety improvements, lead indicators, including joint monthly safety themes to raise staff awareness of specific safety matters and investment in safety initiatives beyond normal practice including higher level of hand and eye protection. He was a true team leader who used the maximum strength of the team members and shared the credit with all the project team members.

In a ceremony after the completion and success of the project he said, “Building a desalination plant of this caliber and quality is no easy feat, and the leadership team, specialist advisers, and project contractors brought their passion, commitment, and focus to deliver a quality asset. “The award especially economies the project management approach and the ‘one team’ culture, which helped to deliver a very complex project within its original approved budget and 19 days ahead of schedule. We are proud that the project has received recognition from its peers, not only for its outstanding build quality and its environmental and sustainable features, but also for its focus on stakeholder engagement, and the collaborative delivery of the project’s objectives. “We have delivered a reliable, sustainable, and secure water supply for all South Australians and this will ensure there’s enough water for future generations. “

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