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What is `Suggestibility`? How is this phenomenon pressure?

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1_ What is `Suggestibility`? How is this phenomenon pressure?

            Suggestibility is a normal psychological process which can also be brought about by hypnosis and repetition.  In such a state people are more likely to take instructions.  It is pressure in the way that it people are subject to its influence.

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What is `Suggestibility`? How is this phenomenon pressure?
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2_ Summarize the procedure and results of the Asch draw from these results?

            People are tested to identify the similarity between lines on paper.  Each of the people in the test room are informed to give incorrect answers in unison while a single individual is answering according to what he sees.

Asch notes that a quarter of people answered independently while many began to answer according to the majority opinion.  Those who yielded to the pressure did not realize to what extent they yielded.  While those who did not some were hesitant but sticking to what they say while others were confident in their own judgment.

3_To what extent did varying the size of the majority and its unanimity affect the experimental result?

            When against only one person’s judgment the individual was swayed little.

Against two by 13.6%.  Against three by 31.8%.  Beyond that there was no remarkable change.  When the individual had a partner in answering the sway of the majority was reduced to a quarter.

4_ What distinction does Asch draw between consensus and conformity?

            Consensus is going along with the group while maintaining ones individual experience and insight while conformity surrenders the thinking and feeling aspect to the group at large.

            The Asch Experiment was set up to measure certain dynamics of conformity and social pressure.  The investigation into these matters evolved from early experiments with hypnosis.  What was once believed to be only applicable to hysterical cases was later demonstrable for nearly everybody.  The social man was the thought to be as somnambulist – a group of sleepwalkers.  A prototype for the Asch experiment was formed when people were asked to give their opinions on various matters. Following information from the questions were asked again and the answered leaned toward the ideas of the majority or experts.  The Asch experiment formalized this into a series of test where an odd man out was pitted with a room of people who would answer uniformly and incorrectly.  The individual would then either choose with or against the opinion over a series of questions.  In the end many were swayed by the majority for a variety of reasons from thinking that they must be wrong to not wanting to spoil test results.  While those who were more independent saw the group as subject to illusion or sheepishly following the first errant answerer.  The size of the opposing group from 1-3 opponents saw a sliding increase in conformity while a partner who answered correctly as well significantly reduced the influence of the incorrect group.  This support caused a rapport between the individual and their partner.  Variants of the experiment were performed with partners leaving or switching sides.  The latter being more devastating to the results thought the first case also affected independent answering negatively.

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