Who is Genghis Khan?

Genghis Khan was an evil bipolar person who only did great things to people because he felt guilty of the actions and events that took place under his rule and command as the Mongol ruler. Genghis Khan had his soldiers destroy many of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean farmland without the permission of the rightful land owner. And according to one Chinese Peasant who lived of off her crops, the Mongols took some of the crops for themselves, burned the rest and left nothing (Not even a seed to plant crops and start over) for her to live of off.

The Mongols even had the nerve to kill her beloved husband and her very young innocent children. The burning of other peoples land was not even the worst downfall of Mongol Army. The Mongol army was known to rape woman wherever they went, and they continued to rape many innocent woman. Altuogh Genghus Khan did not admit to Raping any woman on his own, his army members did admit and they simply said that “It was the price of war”. Another legend that the Mongols left behind was the bringing of the Black Plague infested rats to not only Europe but to other countries.

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According to one Muslim victim of the Plague, the Mongols had also brought dead infected body’s to her country and left the bodies there to spread the disease to the other countries. But the Mongols were also victims of the Black Plague themselves. According to one Chinese Confucian Scholar, the Mongol Army behaved themselves In “no civilized manner what so ever”, and according to all victims of Genghis Kahn, he was an evil man who only did nice things for the people that he harmed because he actually had a bit of a conscience.

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