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You are the midwife at the couple’s local GAP and you need to give Hashish advice on how to stay healthy ND help Hashish through her pregnancy. Please advise Hashish on the physical needs of the growing fetus. Birth and Infancy Sally is 18 months old. You are working as a nursery nurse and need to discuss Sally’s development with her parents. Please advise Sally’s parents on the expected developmental norms and milestones for Salve age.

Use the following headings: Physical development Intellectual development Emotional development Social development Childhood (4 – 9 years) Daniel is 8 years old. Daniel suffers from Autism. You are Daniels care worker and your manager asked you to write a report on Daniels progress. Please use the following headings to write your report: Adolescence (10 – 18 years) Sam is 17 years old. He is addicted to a very harmful drug, cocaine. Sam was kicked out of his home by his mother and he has a lot of problems at school.

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Sam does not socialize with his friends anymore. Please describe Cam’s development by using the following headings: Adulthood (19 – 65 years) Charley is 35 years of age. She lives with her husband and two children. Charley has a very stressful job and frequently has to work late. She hardly gets time to socialize with friends. Please describe Charley development by using the allowing headings: Older adulthood and final stages of life (65+ years) Keith is 65 years of age. He is living in Sunday Care Home.

Keith was recently diagnosed with Diabetes. Keith enjoys the company of the other residents but his highlight of the week is when his children and grandchildren visit. You are working as a career in Sunday Care Home, the manager asks you to write a report on Kith’s development. Discuss the nature-nurture debate in relation to the development of an individual Key principles: (What is meant by the nature-nurture debate? ) NATURE Biological programming/Genetics: NURTURE Experiences:

Environment: Evaluate how nature and nurture may affect the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of two stages of the development of an individuals Choose two individuals you have discussed in Pl and evaluate how nature and nurture may affect their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development Individual 1: Individual 2: TASK 2: Creating a leaflet Explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an You are working as a care assistant at a residential home.

Your manager has asked you to create a leaflet for new staff explaining the potential effects of vive different life factors on the development on an individual. Please use the headings below to assist you. Genetic e. G. Cystic fibrosis or Downs syndrome Biological e. G. Fetal alcohol syndrome or infections during pregnancy Environmental e. G. Water/sanitation or pollution Socio-Economic e. G. Income or housing Lifestyle e. G. Exercise or stress Explain the influences of two predictable and two unpredictable major life events on the development of an individual Predictable Parenthood Hashish and All are the proud parents of baby T ala. Describe the influence of parenthood on the development of Hashish and All. Starting school Than is starting school for the first time. Thane’s parents are trying to prepare Than for her first day. Describe the influences of starting school on the development of Than.

Unpredictable Serious injury Shearer was seriously injured in a car accident. Shearer is currently in hospital with a broken leg and shoulder. Shearer is a builder and is worried about getting back to work. Describe the influences of Shearers injuries on his development. Bereavement Michelle is a full time working mother. Michelle has just learnt that her husband, Michael, is in hospital after an incident on the underground. Michelle leaves her hillier with the neighbor and rushes to hospital.

Upon arrival, the doctor explains that Michael was stabbed several times in the chest and died shortly before Michelle arrived. Michelle is devastated and does not know what to do. Describe the influences of bereavement on the development of Michelle.

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