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A Foreign Language in Malaysia Sample

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  • Pages 3
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    A 3rd linguistic communication should be made compulsory because it has many advantages such as making better chances of employment progress in calling. encouragements encephalon development. Bridgess cultural connexions. gives us an economic border and most of all part to nation-building.

    Numerous studies have proven that people gain advantages in larning foreign linguistic communication. Harmonizing to Normaz ( n. vitamin D ) . the ability of get the hanging more than one linguistic communication benefits the state in researching new cognition ; pull more concerns and foreign investors. For illustrations. to read and understand books or stuffs in foreign linguistic communication assist our people to pass on with foreign investors. Apart from that. harmonizing to Flynn. ( n. vitamin D ) cited in ( anon. . 2012 ) research into the effects of bilingualism on people suggests that exposure to more than one linguistic communication is an first-class manner of flexing and edifice up those encephalon musculuss. Blood in our encephalon cells will piece into the caput and responsiveness of our encephalon cells will be improved.

    Furthermore. larning a foreign linguistic communication is besides an chance for calling progress in future. Education now put an highly high value on cognition of more than one linguistic communication. Harmonizing to The National Council of province supervisors of Foreign Languages. ( 2009 ) cited in ( Ainol & A ; Isarji. 2009 ) higher instruction should necessitate competence in a foreign linguistic communication as an admittance demand. It is the demand for alumnuss to get personal qualities to get the hang the foreign linguistic communication. For illustration. proficiency in a 3rd linguistic communication where it is now the ability of an person to talk or execute in other linguistic communications. Harmonizing to Anonymous ( 2011 ) . talking a foreign linguistic communication is besides of import for occupation chance. For illustration. people can use for the foreign occupations at different location and states within the company to maintain them acquiring promoted.

    Furthermore. larning a foreign linguistic communication can lend towards nation-building. Harmonizing to Daud. ( 1994 ) & A ; kagoshiman. ( 1991 ) cited in ( Ainol & A ; Isarji. 2009 ) . a state whose citizens are adept in foreign linguistic communications is bound to hold the distinguishable advantage of being better-placed to hold entree to foreign engineering that is important to nation-building. It has become an economic trade good. For illustration. the use of Besta Electronic Dictionary and Mac Apple appliances help people to hold better understanding toward linguistic communications and have become portion of alumnuss study tools. In add-on. harmonizing to Ainol & A ; Isarji. ( 2009 ) many states have addressed the demand to bring forth alumnuss who are able to larn more than one linguistic communication in the attempt to vie in the planetary society. Malaysia has acknowledged the importance of proficiency in a 3rd linguistic communication in order to develop human capital that drives the economic system every bit good as competes in the international sphere. Such as. easy to negociate with other international state for exports and imports maker merchandises.

    In decision. languages aid to heighten professional and personal life. Hence. it is an plus to alumnuss in Malaysia to hold the progress larning for their future calling. Therefore. larning a foreign linguistic communication should be compulsory in Malaysia.


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