The Frank Family: A German Story

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The Franks were your general German household and Anne was your general German miss. This household of four lived in Germany, Mr. Frank was an mean concern adult male, Mrs. Frank was an mean female parent and Margot and Anne were mean pupils. The one thing that made them different in the eyes of Hitler, was the fact that they were Jewish.

Once Hitler rose to power, the Franks fled to Holland, where the hoped to be safe from the Jewish-blood thirsty Nazis, they went on with their normal lives, until one time once more Hitler took over. This caused the Franks to fly once more, merely this clip they would be in concealment. A program was devised; the Franks would remain in an derelict subdivision of the Kraler office edifice, along with another household of three: the Van Daans.

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The Franks set off for their new “place” before the Van Daans. They had to transport with them things that would last for every bit far as they knew, old ages. Anne took with her two waistcoats, three braces of bloomerss, a frock and skirt, jacket, summer coat, places, two braces of stockings, a cap and a scarf. During the journey through the streets, non-jews looked at them with commiseration and sorrow, they knew that there was nil they could make to assist them, no drives, no nutrient, no aid period.

Once they arrived to what they called, the “Secret Annexe” they set their things in their suites. Anne decorated her wall with all of her favourite histrions and actresses. About a hebdomad subsequently the Van Daans joined them, Mrs. Van Daan brought with her, her “chamber” Mr. Van Daan brought a folding tea tabular array and Peter brought his cat Mouschi. Each of them had their ain single personality, Mr. Van Daan, was reasonably laid-back with most of the Franks, particularly Margot, but frequently had a word or two to state about Anne, he didn’t like her changeless chattering. Mrs. Van Daan was loud and coquettish, invariably teasing people and ne’er willing to make her portion of the work around the Annexe. Then there’s Peter, the quiet, dull and tiring one. At first Anne can non stand Peter’s indolence, but she subsequently grows rather fond of him.

As clip goes on, they each get to cognize each other a small better, Miep brings them intelligence from the outside universe every bit frequently as she can along with some little sums of rations. The households decide to allow one more individual stay with the seven of them in Thursday vitamin E already crowded infinite they have. Albert Dussel is a tooth doctor who has come to remain with the Franks and Van Daans, since the outside universe has become excessively unsafe for a Jew to remain in. Anne offers to portion her room with Mr. Dussel and to her surprise he is a friendly cat.

The eight of them now begin to recognize merely how crowded the Annexe is, each individual is annoyed by something that one individual or the other is making or stating. Not merely does Anne hold to set up with her female parent, who she feels treats her like a babe and her sister who she is stuck in the shadow of, but now she has Mrs. Van Daan complaining, Mr. Van Daan who is ever in an tumult over something Anne does, Mr. Dussel invariably shhing her, and now her male parent stating her she needs to demo more compassion for her female parent!

She begins to experience like no 1 of all time listens, she can ne’er look to delight anyone. All she wants to make is be back place with her friends, speaking when she wants to speak, traveling to the bathroom when she needs to, taking a bath when and where she feels like it and traveling where she wants to. Anne so finds person to tilt on, she begins to confide in Peter. They start to state each other what they are experiencing, what it is that fusss them so much, they tell each other of all their wants and dreams. And finally they both come to recognize that they each portion a secret crush on one another

All of the tenseness and spat eventually took its toll. The Franks and the Van Daans had a immense statement. The Franks asked the Van Daans to go forth, which merely made things worse. They reconciled and merely in clip. Tuesday August 1, 1944, was the last twenty-four hours Anne wrote in her Diary. She did non acquire the opportunity to depict all that went on with being caught and taken off, but her male parent did. On August 4, a Gestapo caught the Franks, Van Daans and Albert Dussel and sent them all to Westerbork. They were so taken to the decease cantonment Auschwitz. Anne, Mrs. Van Daan and Margot were considered healthy and taken to the typhus infested camp Belsen, located in Germany.

While at Belsen, Mrs. Van Daan died. Margot died towards the beginning of March 1945 from typhus. Anne, who did non cognize of her sisters decease, had a strong feeling that something had happened, to the lone individual she knew for sure was still alive, this strong sense, caused her to give up dice.

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