Black Women Leadership Movement, With Ella Baker, Ida B Wells, Martin Luther King

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In the early nineteen-century black women developed their own movements to make changes in their times and for the future, generally focusing on the race, gender, and class. Also, women fought to be seen as “human”, during slavery blacks were treated poorly, many were abuse physical, emotional, treated as property as if they Baker. These women manifested the black feminist leadership through the Black Women’s Club movement and anti-lynching. And at the time they carried four principles which was strong information between each other, “a bridge theory”, second, being proactive and not only reactive, third, reaching out and adopting group-centered where member can own and lead their own movement with responsibility in leadership, and lastly, being able to use traditional and non-traditional ways for activism. Ida B. Wells began working as a journalist for a church paper.

Wells early writing brought the attention of “inequality and injustice of the segregated black educational system along with other challenges faced by the southern Blacks”. But before she started working as a journalist she had a close friend who owns a business. Her friend business became very successful more than white stores, which whites did not like. As a result, they lynch her closes friend with her daughter. She used her writing to tell the “truth of Southern Blacks.” As a result, she became the voice for many Southern Blacks. She saw her work as part of the large movement through her journalism and public speaking, helping other with encouragement to stand against lynching. She was lead to challenge the law to protect them, however, she saw unwillingness of the Southern White, which lead to Self-defense. Her leadership model as “ both traditional and nontraditional methods.” Nonetheless, Wells role as a journalist and public speaker made huge impacts to others literally instrumenting the growth in the black women’s club movement. In the 1960 Ella Baker advocated the “group-centered component”.

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Ella Baker was also a great writer and speaker. In her time she focus on civil right and human rights activism. Around the same time, Martin Luther King Jr. was also part of the civil right movement. Ella Baker saw herself more as an organizer for the people to come together and stand up for them and for the future. Miss Baker helps organize several organizations. She would listen to what the people of all ages had to say and was proud to speak from what is right and what was wrong. Not only did she listen but she was part of more than one organization and travel to different states to help spread the words and help in the communities. Also, there would be the time she would even disagree with other leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. She was not afraid to speak up from what she thought was right and wrong which influence many to do so as well. Martin Luther King Jr. was a person of non-violence, to do what right in a peaceful and loving way.

King was very traditional in doing peaceful protests, sit outs, etc. There was a time when he traveled to India where he met the people of India and notice many similarities in America. He notice less violence in the poor communities and its people help one another which influence him to do the same in America, if it works in India it can definitely help America. Henry Garnet was an African-American abolitionist and an orator. Garnet gave a powerful speech, that was very inspiring to many and that shocked the delegates of the “National Negro Convention”. His speech influences many Blacks to turn against their masters. Along with speech he argued for “justifiability of noncompliance and violence resistance if necessary in the salves’ dealings with their masters.” Henry Garnet was among many who would reach out to the president at the time, Abraham Lincoln, convincing allow African American troops to join the Civil War a way to fight for their rights. Many of these activists have shown us the power of getting together and stand for what is right can be accomplished in man ways. Nowadays, one of the many things we see still is poverty.

A way to change is not by seeking for leader but to become our own leaders, its start with our self for a chance to make a difference in the community and impact others to do the same. Just like Ella Baker did, traveling around to different states helping all types of communities and giving out speeches, likewise for Martin Luther King Jr., Henry Gerent, and many more. It not only about spreading the world but Journalism is important, like Ida b. Well, she left her writing for other to see who and influence us. Wells influence Ella Baker to stand for her rights and others, and for those whom can she influence and educate them. Education is a key to everything. Knowledge is something that no one cannot take from anyone but it helps to become aware of what around you and what is occurring in different places. One of many ways we can start is by joining movements, being involved in your local churches, through organizations or even start your own. Along with that, it’s important for us to come together and stand for what rights.

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