Radetzky March vs. Equianos The Interesting Narrative Short Summary

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About the Author

Joseph Roth is a well-known novelist who had been able to similarly picture the mirrors of history through the characters of his story. Most often than not, the characterization of the major part takers of his narrative presentations of history and the different human values that govern the said eras.

In his writing, “the Radetzky March”, Roth successfully pictures how a particular family survives in the hand of the imperial rule of the Austro-Hungarian clan during the 19th century. However, it is not only the pattern of service and loyalty that is being presented in this reading. This particular piece of creative written work mainly showcases the implicative process by which history itself has shaped human civilizations and values through the years. Yes, this book gives a clear indication that history itself leaves a remarkable point of understanding and learning among humans back then that were further carried through generations up until the present years of the human life.

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About the Book

As mentioned earlier, this particular book of Roth is mainly focused on the primary events that happened during the 19th century towards the 20th century generations in connection with the existence of both the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the British English Empire during those particular years. Understandably, the existence of both empires has created a great mark within the pages of human history.

Through a narrative approach, the author of this reading has primarily created a massive implication as to how the past leaders have recognized the importance of loyalty and trust especially within the process by which individuals recognize their own responsibility to the empire of whom they are submissive to. To make history more interesting, Roth used a primary character to which the entire story should focus upon making the entire narration more vindictive, primarily implicatively accurate in describing both the events that governed human relationships back then and the values that were imminent during those eras of imperial rule in Europe.

Content and Summary

The novel of Roth with regards the power struggle that existed between the Austro-Hungarian and the British-English empires have actually made it easier for the readers of the novel to be introduced to the main situation in history that is being tackled about by the author within the pages of this particular reading. Most likely, it is through the introduction of the primary characters of the story that the author was able to capture the attention of the many reader towards the magnificent portrayal of history in the eyes of one man who stood as the eyes of the readers to the different events that were presented within the story.

The Trotta’s were the main characters of this particular narrative. With the heroic act of a mere solider [Joseph Trotta], an ordinary family becomes recognized by the emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The recognition of this one man has lead his family and the generations of his clan that followed him to a reputation that is well recognized by the authorities of the said empire. Back then, the power struggle between the British English Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire has never ceased to allow for peace talks or anything as such. In every kind of battle, the Trotta’s remained faithful and loyal to the emperor.

Later on though, the situations changed and the recognition that the family originally received became lesser than it should actually be, making it possible for him to resign from service and rather live a simple life that is much far from the recognition of the society.

Most likely, it is within this phase of the story that the author of the book began to outline the primary reasons behind the downfall of the strong foundation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire making them less strong than that of the British English Empire who has naturally aimed to overtake their rule. Yes, with the beginning of the Empire’s lost of direction in terms of authoritarian rule and perceptions of loyalty and trust, the Austro-Hungarian Empire began to loose its grip both on its colonies and its people. With the loss of direction and the ingenious use of loyalty and trust through intelligent applications, the empire finally fell down to its pieces of failure making the British American Empire emerge again.

Overall Critique of the Reading

THE very thought of “rewriting history” upsets some persons. They consider it a dishonest attempt to manipulate the past to fit a current theory or to glorify one nation, race or religion. Is that the case? Yes, it is—sometimes. The record of man’s past has been “rewritten” on occasions in order to fit certain political or religious ideologies. But this is not always so. There are also circumstances under which history should be revised. One legitimate reason for rewriting history is that more information has come to light. Despite what some people think, it is often difficult for a writer to get the “facts” about history.

Considering this particular fact, rewriting history has never become more interesting and inviting to readers compared to that of the approach of Roth in presenting the different details that he knew would actually make history more than just a past but a remarkable note of how the values of the human generation actually developed through the years. Between the Austro-Hungarian and the British English Empires, this narrative has become more than just a detail-based explanation as to how and why things happened back then. Instead of simply stating the regular notes of history to the readers, this particular reading made it possible for the readers to see history more accurately real in their minds making them more involved in the situation.


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